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Literally fifty years ago, left-handedness was perceived as a bad (harmful) habit, ingrained from early childhood and requiring an irreconcilable attitude, full rejection, and therefore necessarily strict relearning of left-handed children.

Many believe that it is the hand that a person writes that is an indicator of left-handedness or right-handedness. But this is not quite so: often the left-handers write the right, and the left one is completely for other tasks.

In the modern world, everyone knows that the nature of the brain makes the main one or the other hand. And against nature, as they say, you can not trample on.

Do I need to retrain the left-handed child?

All modern pediatricians, speech therapists-defectologists, neuropsychologists and pedagogical practitioners respond with one voice: no!

Re-training the left-hander can lead to serious consequences and global problems in the future:
  • At the initial stage of education, it is difficult for a left-handed child to make much more effort than other children, and if he is forced to write "inconvenient" for him, he will lag behind, make many mistakes and mistakes.
  • The progress of the left-handed trainees is much lower than the right-handed and left-handers who are not "persecuted" by short-sighted adults. Therefore, these children completely lose interest in learning.
  • "Violence" over the natural essence of such children makes them insecure, constantly doubting, constrained in communication. They are always accompanied by fear of failure, failure, turning into a chronic form. Already to the younger school age, such children have a whole "bouquet" of complexes and neurotic problems.
  • "War" with left-handedness can bring the child to a nervous tic, tremor of limbs, stammering, and also cause delays in mental and speech development.
  • Some problems of left-handed adults who were tried to retrain in childhood have their roots in the past: problems with fine and precise motor skills of fingers, with the pronunciation of some sounds and with verbal literacy.
Conclusion: Considering all of the above, we will give up the desire to make our child "like everyone else." We will preserve his personality and help to become confident in his abilities and successful in training.

How to help such a child?

  • Monitor the observance of the child's daily routine, strictly dose training loads - this is due to the quick fatigue of the left-hander.
  • Provide the child with special prescriptions for left-handed children.
  • Inform the teacher in advance that your child is left-handed and should not be retrained.
  • To anticipate the aspiration of a left-handed child to read sometimes from right to left: highlight the top of the page and the first letters in the lines with the color (favorite for the baby).
  • It is impossible to show in any way a personal negative attitude to the left-handedness of the child and to scold him for his awkwardness and ugly handwriting. On the contrary, try to constantly encourage him, noting and celebrating with praise all the successes of the baby. He must believe in himself and in his strength, that he will succeed in time, and he will overcome all difficulties.
  • To make systematic and interesting for him physical exercises (useful ball games), modeling, drawing, embroidery, knitting and any other accessible kind of creativity. This will help to develop coordination of finger and hand movements.
  • Do not encourage children working with your left hand, let them get involved gradually in the work process. Because of the weak switchability of attention to such children it is not easy to switch from one class to another.
  • The workplace of the left-handed student must be organized in such a way that all the educational and writing materials are and are diametrically opposed in comparison with how they always work with their right hand.

Interesting Facts

  1. Left-handedness was a common phenomenon even in ancient times. Archaeologists have proved this by finding ancient tools for left-handed people.
  2. Long-term studies have proved that left-handedness is a hereditary factor. Bright proof is the British royal family.
  3. A strong half of humanity took the palm tree from the beautiful half in terms of belonging to the clan of lefties.
  4. Vision in the water is better for left handed owners.
  5. The level of IQ more than 140 is much more common among left-handed citizens.
  6. Scientific observations are brought to the attention of parents: if the baby is laid out on the tummy and he turns the head to the left - a direct proof of his left-handedness. Righties - either to the right, or without preferences.
  7. If the circumstances make the left-hander and the right-hander learn to write not their "native" hand, then the left-hander will quickly master the right than the right-hander - left.
Remember, left-handers have enviable advantages: well-developed intuition and creativity. So you should not create problems on an equal footing.
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