Dress-sweater - cozy fashion

In cool weather, a dress-sweater is one of the most favorite elements of the wardrobe of many women.

Models and styles

By and large, the look of the dress-sweater determines the shape and design of the neck. Here, fashion as always offers a large selection of variations:
  • collar with a lapel "golf";
  • classic collar;
  • clamp;
  • V-neck;
  • U-shaped cutout;
  • round neckline under the throat;
  • deep neckline type neckline.
Do not go out of fashion sweater dresses of large mating, "noodles", but all still in the trend remains a model of smooth thin jersey.

To whom, what models fit

There are a lot of models and styles of a turtleneck dress, but at the same time they are divided into two categories, fitting options and volume models in the oversize style. Which of these to choose depends on the image and rhythm of life, and of course on the physique. Combine the dress with card type:
  • "Hourglass". This type of addition is characterized by soft female features. It is possible to give preference to a gentle fitting model, and to allocate an ensemble with a belt at the waist.
  • Type of figure "pear". With such a figure, you need to keep balance in proportions. The best option will be a knitted dress sweater with an extension from the hip and a voluminous top, knee length. In terms of the collar is to give preference to models with a version of the neck "yoke". Add the bow and make it more vivid and stylish will help massive beads, wrapped in a few turns around the neck.
  • The figure is a "rectangle". For this type of figure, you can choose almost any option. In many photo dresses, a sweater in the oversize style on girls with this type of figure advantageously emphasizes fragility, and make the figure more feminine and soft. But it will not be less interesting to look at a short dress-sweater with a lace below, such models will open and show slender legs, especially if there is something to brag about.
  • Inverted Triangle. With this addition, a turtleneck dress with a tight fitting top and flared skirt is appropriate. From the texture it is better to give preference to braids and embossed binding.
  • Large shapes. Ladies with this type of figure will always find what to wear with a turtleneck dress, but you need to choose models without a volume texture, even if it's better to have options with a free, straight and stern silhouette. Of accessories, an appropriate addition would be a long scarf or a large necklace.
Women with small breasts should choose lush and massive collars, ladies with a large bust should prefer a monophonic texture and a modest collar.

How to make a choice

Many representatives of the fair sex, choosing an element of the wardrobe, are guided by the shows of elite fashion houses, which set the wave of modern style. In this season, designers focused on the attributes and style, or rather:
  • Eclecticism - makes the image unbridled and vivid.
  • Boho - romance, lightness and flowing motives.
  • Embroidery - for fans of the original genre and folk motifs.
  • Ethno. Modern silhouettes in the interpretation of identity.
  • Applications. This trend of the season, because everything is new - well forgotten old.
If you do not know what to wear a dress-sweater, since there is no time to watch the fashion so as not to look ridiculous in the eyes of others, you must adhere to the following rules:
  • You can not combine skirts and dress-sweater;
  • Sweater dresses are not compatible with wide pants;
  • Models of volume knitting can not be combined with massive shoes;
  • Do not strap around the bulk models.
On the latest fashion shows from Victoria Beckham, Ruban dresses of large mating represent models with Aran and Celtic weaving, boucle, large braids. Fashion house Valentino presented a black dress sweater with bright floral ornaments. Tommy Hilfiger gave preference to geometric patterns. This season in the fashion "torn" dresses sweaters. But do not make holes on the sweater yourself, because knitwear has a property to blossom. It is better to buy a finished model. Do not go out of fashion stretched "daddy" sweater.
The main feature of the season: dress-sweater of quality natural wool hand-knitted.

How to wear

Wondering what to wear a dress-sweater, a solution for yourself will find any fashionista, because this element of the wardrobe is truly universal and is combined with many things and accessories.

What to wear on your feet?

Knee-high stockings or leggings

Monotonous models of calm tones can be dressed with bright golfs, to bright motley dress-jumper it is better to pick up leggings from the shade already available in the ensemble. Organically look leggings of calm shades. Such details in the wardrobe will help not only to place accents, but also to be warmed.


With what to wear a dress-turtleneck, when it got colder? The ideal option - pantyhose, they can be monophonic, abstract, and even with a picture. The only rule: pantyhose should be combined with a shade of dress or be in the shade of shoes.


Here, too, are open vast spaces for imagination. Such a wardrobe can be combined with anything: a fur coat, a waistcoat, a strict coat, a jacket, a thin raincoat - anything your heart desires! But especially stylish will look a knitted dress in combination with a fur coat and a hat.


Knee high boots

Shoes to choose the easiest, the classic of the genre - high boots, but no less stylish and actual dress-sweater looks with ankle boots and short boots. And in winter, the ensemble perfectly fit ugg boots or boots.

Sport shoes

Sports shoes in combination with a knitted dress will create an urban style, but in this case, it is better to choose a dress without excess decor and ornaments, so to say the Sport Chic Minimal style. Of the jewelry is well complemented by the image of a man's watch.


Dress voluminous binding can be supplemented with a thin strap-chain, and a narrow dress on the contrary - wide. It is important that the belt is in harmony with the bag and shoes in color.
Knitted hand-made accessories create a soft ethnic image.
Colored dresses do not require additional decorations. Uniform options can be supplemented with a beautiful pendant or necklace, but if the dress comes with a strap, too large jewelry will be superfluous. It is better not to overload the dress-sweater with accessories.

What to wear under a dress

It's very fashionable today to put on a shirt under a dress, it's better if it's a white classic version, so you can create a multilayer fashionable bow. If you need a more practical option, you can wear a dress with a turtleneck, a turtleneck under the dress will make the image more office, more stern. When you need a feminine image, you can put a combination with a lace under the dress, where the lace will look out from under the hem.

Biker chic

Well emphasize the softness of the dress-jumper leather and biker style in general. It can be a rough ankle boots, a leather stylish jacket, a bag with rivets in the form of spikes. It turns out a kind of game of contrasts. A knitted dress is not only convenient, but also a universal model of the wardrobe, find yourself creating your image, and others will appreciate you at their true worth.
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