Superfoods: what it is and what they eat

Smoothies with chia seeds for breakfast, amaranth porridge for lunch, jelly with goji berries for dinner. I think this would look like the daily diet of a Wonder Woman or her colleagues on the superpowers of the Catwoman, they live in our world. All because to eat supergirls should exclusively superfoods.

Fortunately, we are real people, not comic book heroines, but we can also enjoy superfoods. What are these amazing products? In fact, superfoods are vegetables, fruits, herbs, algae or seeds that have a high nutrient content.

Where did the superfoods come from and why did they become so popular?

For the first time, they started talking about vegetarianism and raw food, who were looking for a vegetable substitute for animal food, which contained a number of substances and microelements necessary for the body. The guru of the superfood movement was the expert in the field of healthy eating, American David Wolfe. With his light hand, the fashion for using miraculous additives went to the broad masses, and now stars of the first magnitude in television broadcasts and print media are in vying for superfoods.

And to praise, of course, there is for that: having low caloric content, most of these products contain as many amino acids and trace elements as our body can not get from a whole pack of multivitamins. Superfoods reduce blood cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing cancer, increase immunity and help lose weight.

The Seven Best Superfoods

So, I made up for you a list of the seven most popular superfoods that will allow you to be healthier and feel better.

Do not forget that superfoods are useful supplements, not a magic remedy for all diseases.

Chien Seed

Chia or Spanish sage is a plant that is traditional for residents of Latin America. In 100 grams of these small grains with a light nutty taste contains twice as much calcium as in a glass of cow's milk, and potassium - as much as in the pulp of a banana. According to the content of fiber - dietary fiber - chia and is at all on a par with bran and flaxseed. If it is necessary to introduce unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 into the diet, then the best food additive is not found. In addition, chia seeds are indispensable for preventing atherosclerosis and lowering cholesterol in the blood.

The most popular dishes with the addition of chia seeds are puddings and fruit smoothies

Goji berries

A plant from the family of the nightshade, which is also called the "fruit of longevity". Due to the large content of plant fiber, improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, is used to treat gastritis. The composition of berries 21 mineral, including germanium, which has a unique antitumor effect on the body, as well as 18 amino acids and 6 vitamins. The popularity of goji is explained by the beneficial effect on metabolism, the hormonal background and the lowering of the body's mass. Dried berries are used as a seasoning for desserts and second courses, and also add to tea, compote, cocktails.

Berries goji or dereza vulgaris - a source of rare vitamins.


The microalga, 10 grams of which in a dried form provides 10% of the daily requirement of the body in magnesium, 80% in iron. This green powder contains 70% of the fully digestible protein and contains 18 of the 22 existing amino acids. On 1 gram spirulina it is necessary only 3, 9 kcal, that does its irreplaceable assistant at growing thin. Iron in the alga helps to fight anemia, antioxidants stop the growth of cancer cells. To make a useful smoothie, it is enough to whip in a blender until homogeneity 2 bananas, 2 dates, add a glass of water and a teaspoon of powder.

Smooths with spirulina - a healthy and tasty breakfast

Maca Peruvian

Root crop, which is grown in the Peruvian Andes, and since ancient times is used by local residents for medicinal purposes. Powder of poppies has antitumor effect, serves to restore strength after sports loads and diseases, increases endurance, libido and potency. Contains potassium, calcium, vitamins B1 and B2, magnesium, iron and zinc, which allows to normalize the balance of thyroid hormones. Peruvian poppy gives dishes a pleasant nutty taste. To make a "force" drink from it, add a tablespoon of powder to a glass of freshly squeezed juice from carrots, apples and parsley.


Single-celled algae, rich in amino acids and vitamins. Contains chlorophyll, similar in composition to human hemoglobin, which helps to supply tissues and organs with oxygen. Just one teaspoon of chlorella powder a day will help your body to remove salts of heavy metals and other substances toxic to the body, increase efficiency and have a beneficial effect on metabolism. As for the intake of food, the chlorella is perfectly combined with tomato juice and herbs.

Chlorella can be added to both vegetable and fruit juices


Sweet powder from the pulp of locust beans. It is very similar to cocoa, but it is more useful, because it does not contain caffeine. The carob is hypoallergenic, has a low glycemic index and is suitable for diabetics, pregnant and lactating women. Thanks to theobromine has a calming effect, rich in antioxidants, slowing down the aging process of the body. The powder contains natural sucrose, fructose and glucose, so it is easy to replace synthetic sweeteners. Carob can be drunk as an independent drink, but can be added to cocktails, smoothies and desserts.


Herbaceous plant, which in its properties can be called almost the most useful grass on earth. Strong antioxidant, amaranth promotes the synthesis of vitamin D and contains a squalene - a mineral that fights cancerous tumors. Its seeds are rich in dietary fiber and give the effect of purification from toxins. Amaranth contains five times more iron than wheat, and by the amount of protein it overtakes dairy products. The most delicious thing from the amaranta is cooking porridge. To do this, take one glass of cereal for three glasses of water and cook for half an hour on low heat after boiling.

Amaranth porridge will be even tastier if you add cardamom, cinnamon and a handful of nuts in it

Knowing so many advantages of superfoods, it is tempting to completely build your diet only for them. However, this is best not to do. Even unique products can not substitute ordinary food for us and are only useful food additives. Therefore, before beginning their reception, consult a doctor and remember: even superproduct will not do wonders if your daily ration consists of rolls and sweet soda. Eat well and be well!
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