Unpretentious indoor flowers

Live plants make any home cozy. They help to revitalize the interior and modify the rooms. In order to arrange them around the house in a place you like, you need to choose unpretentious indoor flowers that do not require a lot of light. Often the interior uses curly and long blooming species. They can make life brighter and bring harmony into everyday life.


dracene: home care

Dracena is considered a shrub, but more often it grows in one trunk. The native land of the plant is the tropics, therefore it loves moist and warm air. With normal care, the flower can reach a height of up to three meters.

Dracaena is well suited to improve the interior. Outwardly it resembles a palm tree and perfectly gets on in rooms with not too bright illumination. The magnificent beauty can occupy any place in the house. Especially if it has reached impressive sizes and is already growing in a floor pot.

The main measures of flower care are watering and sprinkling. In winter and in dry rooms, spraying should be done every other day. In the presence of an air humidifier, spraying should be done once a week. Watering is carried out when the soil dries in the pot in the summer. In winter, the soil should be allowed to dry for about 4 days. This will help prevent rotting roots.

The ruinous factor for this indoor plant are drafts. However, in a poorly ventilated room the flower also does not get along.


Sansevieria: home care

Sansevieria is a very useful indoor flower. Wide leaves of the plant clean the air in the room well. Belief says that if Sansevieria blossomed in the house, then the residents' cherished desire will soon be fulfilled. The flowers of sansevieria smell nice vanilla.

in the interior fit both high and low grades of "mother-in-law". Long leafy bushes can be placed in rectangular boxes directly on the floor. The flower does not require much light and is not fastidious in nursing.

The main waste process is watering and wiping leaves from dust. In this case, the flower is rarely transplanted, and sometimes even completely renews the top layer of the soil. Water Sansevieria without fanaticism, when the soil in the pot will dry out well.


Tolstyanka: home care

An unpretentious indoor flower is very common in modern society. By Feng Shui, it can attract happiness and wealth to the house. A good care will help to grow from "Tolstyanki" a beautiful tree that will decorate any interior. It can be safely placed in the kitchen or in the living room. Money tree likes light, but do not put it on a window in direct sunlight.

In summer you can take out a simple flower on the street. in such conditions it can go into growth and blossom. The plaque is carried out only after the soil dries well. Excess moisture can lead to decay of the roots. In this case, complete drying can not be allowed.

"Living stones" - Lithops

Living stones: home care

Lithops or "Living stones" are very unusual and will not be left unattended by the guests. At the same time, they do not practically do not require care and are well tolerated by drought. In winter, they do not need to be watered at all, but the rest of the year the soil is moistened every other week. "Living stones" in themselves accumulate moisture, so they can easily be left on vacation.

Flowering of this houseplant falls on autumn. in this period it throws out a flower that exceeds it in size. Lithops are amazing not only by their forms, but also by coloring. They completely repeat the color of the terrain.

Good lighting is essential in growing Lithops. Therefore, pots with "Living stones" are better placed on the windowsill.


Geranium: photo and care at home

Geranium refers to houseplants, which are very useful to have at home. It helps health and psycho-emotional balance. At the same time, it is unpretentious and easily grown by amateurs. Any mistress will cope with the care of this flower.

Geranium does not need to be sprayed and grows well in the standard humidity of the air in the apartments. Watering is the main care for geraniums. It needs to be done as the soil dries up in the pot. The plant develops well under direct sunlight, so it can be safely placed on the windowsill. In summer, geranium can be planted in the open ground on the flower bed.

Even the most unpretentious houseplants need care and attention. One of the main rules is also the constant location of the pot. Flowers do not tolerate the permutation and other changes in the habitual environment.
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