How can I make it all? Maintenance of the Bulletin Journal

The life of a modern woman consists of a lot of things and responsibilities. Add to this a couple of hobbies, interesting films and books that you definitely need to get acquainted with. How to find time for everything, because in the day only 24 hours? Effective planning for the Bullet Journal system will be the best option for solving this problem.

Keeping a diary is now a kind of fashion trend. For someone, this is a great opportunity to visually see all the accumulated cases and rank them in order of importance, someone just likes to beautifully arrange reversals, accompanying the records with decor. Actually, Bullet Journal allows you to combine creative approach and effective planning. Many people drop the diary, barely starting, because this activity turns into a boring routine for them. However, this system allows you to take into account the interests of a person, which in many ways makes it universal.

What it is?

This planning system was invented by designer Ryder Carroll. He was experiencing certain difficulties with concentration of attention and for a long time he was looking for a way to fix ideas in an understandable form so that later they could be returned to them. The result of his work in this direction was a kind of "assorted" from the airframe, personal diary and creative artbook. Records in the notebook can contain important notes relating to the work, plans for free time and original ideas - all of which will be organized in the appropriate categories.

How to lead?

Bullet Journal does not impose any restrictions on the appearance and internal contents of the notebook. You can start recording from any date. The first couple of pages should be left under the table of contents. There will gradually form a list of all categories with the indication of the pages that are allocated for them. Then, according to tradition, there is an annual turn. It reflects the most significant goals and plans. The next stage is the monthly reversal. It is required to draw pages so that opposite each day you can write a list of cases and planned events. Here it is necessary to write a list of tasks to be performed this month, but they are not tied to a specific date.

Special notation

In order to emphasize the importance of the recorded item or mark it as already done, you can enter your own system of icons and symbols. The main condition for such notations is that their use should be convenient and understandable for you.

Trackers of habits, shopping lists and a diary of sleep

Do you want to develop some useful habits? Devote this to a separate spread in a notebook. Of course, he will not have a direct effect on willpower, but he will help in self-discipline. To mark the fulfillment of such tasks will be very pleasant. Do you think that costs should be reduced? Leave several pages for their planning. Honestly reflecting all your expenses, you can better understand what you can save on. Have you come to the conclusion that you have not got enough sleep lately? Start recording these data and compare them with your own well-being. Movie fans should take a few pages to the list of films and serials planned for viewing. A similar recommendation applies to book lovers. So you are guaranteed to not forget the name of the book you like and do not begin to postpone acquaintance with it "until better times."


You do not have to be able to draw to beautifully draw a notebook. What will be the design of the diary inside, it's up to you. In any case, stickers, stickers and decorative tape have not been canceled yet.

Add and change categories according to the Bullet Journal system, depending on your needs. It will certainly help you become more collected and productive!
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