Best day of the year

Everyone for himself determines the happy moments that have become bright flashes in the everyday life of life. They make up a true story of a person - one that he will remember on his deathbed. However, it's not time to be sad - it's time to turn to yourself and honestly answer the question: "What is the best day for you in the year?"

New Year

Many people believe that a new life will begin on January 1. After the New Year, as if by magic, they will grow thin, meet real love, get a better paying job. The list can be continued indefinitely. Is this attitude to life correct? Adults are the same children. They need a little fairy tale in their life to paint the daily monotony with bright colors.

The magic atmosphere of the New Year

New Year is a happy opportunity to feel like a naughty child. Flashing garlands, gifts "from Grandfather Frost" under the tree - the elements that allow for a moment to forget about the everyday worries of an adult person - mortgages, work, bills and other "little things of life."


Ambiguous line width of one day, which divides a person's life into "before" and "after". A celebration that marks the fact that a person has become a year older.

The day when you become a little older

Then immediately proposal: why not celebrate every six months or a month of life? And the holidays would be more, and the soul is warmer.

The best day is today!

Only the one who wakes up every morning with a thought is happy: "Today is the best day!"
Live one moment!

The world is beautiful, and each of us is part of this world

The past is gone, and the future has not come yet. There are several proven ways to make the day the best:
  1. Give maximum attention to family and friends.
  2. Dive headlong into a stunningly interesting book.
  3. Spend the whole day out in the fresh air. It can be a picnic or a walk on rough terrain.
  4. Make a small, but still a journey (for example, in another city).
  5. Find a new friend.
The list of tips can be continued indefinitely. The truth is that for everyone he is his own. For happiness, it is not necessary much - just look around and find the elusive charm in the surrounding trivialities.

Less think about what's happening and just enjoy life! And then every day in life will be the best.
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