Going to the museum, how to interest the child

We all want our children to grow up as cultured people. Do not expect that all these positive qualities will manifest themselves. The child needs to be educated, including instilling a love of art. Remember that such interest does not arise by itself, but it is not so difficult to call it. However, if you make gross mistakes, you can forever resist the desire to do art. Today we will tell you how to organize a trip to a museum with a child.

How to prepare

You want to go to the museum. What day should I choose for this event? Naturally, this will be a day off or a day off. But do not plan your trip on the day when it rains. Why? Many mothers, and grandmothers are sure that in sunny weather it is necessary to walk on the street. But if it rains, you still have nothing to do at home, you can visit the museum. This attitude is wrong. The kid will perceive visiting the museum as an easy way to just kill time. Meanwhile, it should be a holiday for him, or, at least, a conscious choice. Then this campaign will be connected only with positive emotions. Yes, and consider works of art on a cloudy day is not so interesting, everything will look dull and gray, it is possible that next time the child does not want to go to the museum.

It is important to choose a museum that would be located near the house or you could get to it so that the kid is not tired, for example, by car, or by bus. If you have to travel a long distance, the child is tired, this trip will only bring him negative emotions. Having finally reached the museum building, he will be disappointed to learn that he still has to walk through the halls. If you still did not calculate your strength, and the child is tired, before showing him the exposure, bring him to the cafeteria, let him rest.

Do not forget to explain the rules in advance. Tell the children that the pictures do not need to be touched and photographed using a flash. Be sure to explain why such restrictions are introduced. Among the exhibits there are paintings that are stored for several centuries, they can easily be damaged. If children touch them with their hands, they can scratch or infect microorganisms that can damage the picture. And cameras with flashes gradually discolor the top layer of pictures.

In the museum

How to properly behave, so that this visit to the museum left only pleasant memories?
  1. Do not delay the visit. For a child, going to a museum is a serious burden. Little children, after seeing such spacious rooms, want to run through them. But they are forbidden to make noise, touch things with their hands, and it can be very difficult for a child to restrain himself, concentrate his attention. Therefore, the first trip to the museum, especially for a young child, should be short. Examine a part of the exhibits, and leave the rest for later.
  2. Remember that children see everything differently than adults. Many pictures are located at the eye level of an adult, so the child looks at them from a different angle. He can consider what you have not noticed, become interested in the details that seem secondary to you. To understand what your son or daughter sees, you can sit next to him and you will be sure that you really look at the same pictures in different ways.
  3. Help the child. Considering the paintings, do not forget to read the tablets next to the pictures, introduce the child to the names of the works of artists, with surnames, no less important is the date of creation of the picture. We can briefly explain that there are different techniques for creating paintings.
  4. Go back to your favorite pictures. Children like to listen to the same fairy tale several times in a row or reread familiar stories, watch the same series of cartoons. Also with pictures. If a child likes this or that exhibit, he will come to him every time he visits the museum. Do not scold him, let him perform his permanent ritual.
  5. Do not forget to visit the cafe. If the museum does not have a cafe, you can choose what is next. This will create a festive atmosphere. The younger he is, the more necessary this holiday is for him.
  6. Do not forget to visit the souvenir shop, buy cards. They are usually not expensive and do not take up much space, but are valuable as a memory. Having matured, he will gladly sort through them, reviving early childhood impressions.
These simple recommendations will help make visiting the museum an interesting, not only a rewarding event. Children, like a sponge, absorb new knowledge, new information, and if you give time and energy to their development, you can grow up not geeks, but educated and intelligent people who have always been valued, no matter what changes occur in the country and the world as a whole.
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