What kind of dog do you have for a child in an apartment

When deciding what kind of dog to get for a child, you need to remember that the lion's share of responsibility will lie with your parents. Even a responsible child can not independently organize a full training and maintenance of the dog. We need to be prepared for the problems that will arise and thoroughly study all the nuances. Despite all the difficulties, a new member of the family always brings a lot of joy and bright colors to everyday life.

What to look for: possible difficulties in keeping the dog

The most important parameter when choosing a dog for a child should be personal preferences. The pet should please the eye and cause admiration. Therefore, it is better to choose your favorite breed. But you can not omit the possibilities of the family. After all, each breed requires a certain approach to the content. When buying a dog you need to evaluate:
  • space in the house or apartment;
  • the possibility of walking a dog;
  • financial possibilities of the family;
  • children's age;
  • rhythm of family life;
  • presence of hobbies and hobbies (hunting, fishing, cycling, walking).
If the family lives in an apartment, then the choice should not be stopped on the hunting breeds of dogs. Even with a daily several hours of walking, the dog will not be short of activity.

There is a misconception that it is difficult to maintain a large dog in an apartment. In fact, if the space is enough, the dog does not bring much more trouble than a small breed. It requires the same amount of time for paddock and grooming. It's all about the activity and characteristics of the breed.

Ideal dog for a child in an apartment

If a dog with an active temperament does not consume energy, then the quaptira will quickly turn into ruins. She can chew furniture for a day, tear the upholstery and smash everything in its path. Therefore, in the absence of time for long and lively walks, it is not necessary to start:
  • cocker spaniel;
  • retrievers;
  • Fox terrier (and other terriers with active impurities);
  • pinscher;
  • schnauzer;
  • beagle.
The dog of living in an apartment should be chosen with a calm character. If there is no possibility of constant walking, it is better to pay attention to small breeds that can be easily trained and accustomed to the toilet in the tray. The most suitable breeds of dogs in an apartment with a child will be:
  • pug;
  • chow-chow;
  • pikines;
  • Chinese Crested;
  • Mostino;
  • corgi.
These dogs lead a passive lifestyle and do little to interfere with their masters. They are ideal for small apartments. But they have a small minus. In view of complete passivity, dogs are not always interesting with such breeds.

There are breeds that can be kept in the apartment and do not cause harm, however, on condition of constant walking 1-2 hours a day. Such dogs will become real friends to children and will participate in all their games. Ideal for a child is suitable:
  • Cocker Spaniel;
  • rate;
  • Labrador;
  • york;
  • poodle.
These breeds are easy to train and are not aggressive towards children. Under the condition of walking and education, it is good to be kept in an apartment and, if necessary, go to a pot.

What kind of dog in the apartment would not have to buy, you need to remember that everything is in the hands of the owner. The pet takes a long time and requires a lot of patience for education. However, it is impossible to find a friend's dog for a child. The dog will make a lot of emotions in the children's game and become a real companion. At the same time, a domestic pet will help to strengthen the immunity of the child, develop responsibility and improve the emotional state.
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