How to store products?

Every hostess wants to please his family with delicious dishes. Unfortunately, not all products can be stored for a long time. The fault is not always their low quality. In this article, let's talk about how to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and juicy for as long as possible.

There are simple rules to protect products from premature spoilage, but they are not universal and for each group of products should take into account certain nuances.


Carrots, beets, potatoes and other root crops do not differ in capriciousness during storage. It is enough to put them in a dark and dry place, which will always maintain a cool temperature. The basement or pantry will be the best storage place for them. There it is necessary to send onions and garlic.

Citrus fruits

It is believed that without access to air, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons can be stored longer. The most comfortable for citruses is room temperature.


All varieties of berries are perishable products and need to be cooled. To ensure optimum conditions for them will help the refrigerator. However, do not rush to send them there immediately after purchase. First of all, it is necessary to conduct a thorough "revision" among berries. Instances with bruised or darkened barrels boldly put aside - one rotten fruit can cause that all the others will soon be spoiled. To protect berries from excess moisture, it is recommended to put a paper towel on the bottom of the container. Having decided to freeze them, remember that such a procedure is allowed only once, otherwise the berries will lose an attractive appearance, become sluggish and tasteless.


There is an opinion that washed greens quickly lose freshness. However, if you thoroughly wash and then dry and store parsley, cilantro or dill in a closed container, their properties will not deteriorate. In this form, you can even send greens to the freezer for several months.

What can I leave on the table?

There are products on the taste qualities of which, staying in the refrigerator affects the negative way. To such, for example, is the tomato. The texture of its pulp deteriorates under the influence of low temperature. If you do not want the banana skin to quickly darken, leave it on the table. Similarly, staying in the refrigerator on basil will affect - the leaves will quickly darken and lose their freshness. Potatoes in the refrigerator, too, not the place. Under the influence of low temperature, the starch contained in this root crop turns into sugar.

Certain products stay in the refrigerator is contraindicated, but for others it is like a home. In order not to encounter a rapid withering and loss of taste, store them correctly!
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