Culinary lafhaki: speed up the cooking process

The Holy Grail for every modern housewife is time management. Time management in the home kitchen is not a tribute to time, not a fetish. This is an affordable and effective organization of the cooking process.

General public workers, restaurateurs, chefs and qualified housewives are virtuosi in this business. But as they say, not gods pots burn. Therefore, to get some sacred knowledge from this area is available to everyone.

Cook potatoes

A piece of butter or margarine, thrown into a pot of boiling potatoes, will greatly speed up the process of cooking it.

Kitchen Pothook

Potholders do not have to look for - it will always be "in front of" - if you sew a small magnet inside and hang it on the refrigerator.

Not to eat sausage with a skin

All the housewives are familiar with the situation when in the morning all the household members hurry to work and study, and the sausage is not easy to "undress" for numerous sandwiches - the skins do not want to leave the base. It is necessary to lower for a minute the "stick" of delicacy in cold water - this simple procedure will help the skin to descend faster.

Milk is not lost

In order to avoid the situation when you need to cook the chicken with a child, and the milk in the fridge is zachey, take it as a rule to put one tablespoon of sugar per liter of milk when boiling. This will keep the milk fresh for longer.

To make pies a success

The first rule: the ingredients for its kneading we take room temperature - the dough in this case will approach more quickly. The second rule: opara loves warm milk, because the yeast in it will quickly work.

Hot chocolate - no problem

Prepare hot chocolate much easier than you think. Pour the remnants of Nutella with hot milk - you will get rich hot chocolate.

Potatoes in "uniform"

Easy and quick cleaning of the peel will help the next trick: before dipping the tubers into a pot of water, make an incision with a knife for each raw potato (around its "trunk"). After boiling and cooling, it's enough to peel off the tuber, taking on his "poppy" - it climbs down "stocking" easily and without problems.

We clean exotic fruits

To cope with this will help an ordinary glass: cut kiwi, mango or avocado in half, poddenem edge of the edge of the flesh of each lobule - the fruits of the peel are free.

Eggs for salad

  • Clean up instantly a small pot helps: we put a boiled egg in it, pour a little cold water from the tap, shake the jar intensively, and the egg from the shell is free.
  • Clear the boiled egg can help and the usual clerical button. Before cooking, we make a tiny hole in the egg shell - we get a guarantee of easy and quick cleaning.

We save the fading greens

If the greens fade - this is not the reason to throw it away. Chop the greens and add the olive oil. Silicone containers fill with this vitamin mass and put in the freezer. Ready quick dressing for salads, sauces and hot dishes.

Nut butter

Quickly spread the sandwiches hurrying to school children will help such a method: store a jar of pasta in the refrigerator in an inverted form.

"The remnants are sweet"

Scrape off the mayonnaise from the walls of the cans - it's a chore and a long time. We will speed up the process: add vinegar, spices and olive oil there and get a dressing for the salad.

Unripe bananas

Do you want to eat a banana and he is green? Help him ripen quickly: a couple of minutes of banana tanning in the oven will make it perfectly ripe.

A drop of lemon juice

You can get it quickly and easily without cutting the fruit. You need to prick it with a toothpick and lightly apply pressure - the lemon will immediately give up part of its "nectar".
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