Division into male and female

There is a man and a woman whom nature has created with little differences. Only at the physiological level of men and women are different. And the different combination of hormones in the blood leads also to the difference of thinking. But everything else that does not depend on the physiological difference between the sexes is inherent in both men and women.

Men can walk on two legs - and women know how to do it. Women know how to cry - and men can cry (they are given tear ducts). Men eat the same way as women do (they even eat the same food). Are you surprised that we are talking about such elementary things that you did not even think of? Then, for what purpose did people begin to divide other acts and qualities of character into masculine and feminine?

Before moving on to what is happening in society, it should be noted that since people began to restrict men and women in their manifestations, humanity lives unhappy. It's like saying to men that their left side is female, and women like their right side is male. And now you need to cut off half of your body to become full men and women. While people share certain actions and qualities of character that are inherent in both sexes, both male and female, they continue to be unrealized and inferior personalities.

So, what are we talking about? For example, that a man must earn money, and a woman to be the keeper of the hearth. A complete absurdity, which was simply accepted in society for many centuries. As a woman can make money, so a man can be a householder - and this is confirmed by some contemporaries.

Another example: the man is aggressive, and the woman is soft. This is another misconception. Undoubtedly, there is a difference between the sexes. But still a woman can also be aggressive, and a man - soft, and that does not make them what they are.

For example, men should conquer women, and women should wait for men to want to meet them. And when someone does not want to play by these rules, they often look at him with bewilderment. But this is a game, which was once invented by people. But how a woman can be the first to approach a man, without losing her femininity, so a man can wait for a woman to start acquaintance with him, without losing her masculinity.

People have come up with many limitations, and one of them is the division into male and female. Undoubtedly, there is a difference between the sexes. But it concerns only the physiological possibilities and the influence of combinations of hormones on the mood and thinking of the sexes. In all other respects, men and women are equal. A man can cry. A woman can lead. A man can babysit. A woman can be aggressive. There are many examples. But if you remove all the rules and frameworks, then you will understand how you limit yourself in actions, and therefore, in achieving those or other benefits.
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