How to lose weight? 10 useful habits

Diets and exercise do not always meet expectations. However, do not rush to drop your hands and say goodbye to your dream of a slender figure. It is possible to get rid of excess kilos by unconscious actions that are repeated from day to day. How to lose weight if you are in captivity of your bad habits? The only way out is to change them for useful ones!

1. Full breakfast

Many people because of haste or lack of appetite in the morning neglect breakfast. But a cup of tea or coffee will not replace a full meal. The role of breakfast is somewhat wider than it is commonly believed. The food that enters the body at the very beginning of the day not only saturates it, but also activates the metabolism. Regular refusal of breakfast leads to a slowdown in metabolic processes, and this can lead to the deposition of fats. A plentiful morning meal will not contribute to weight gain, as for a day the food will have time to fully assimilate. The optimal option for the morning menu can be a variety of cereals, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts and fruits.

2. Revise the diet

Identify among products that you regularly buy, those that can not be called useful and find them a worthy replacement. For example, sausage with success replaces boiled chicken, dried fruit for its sweetness will not yield to sweets in bright candy wrappers, from a can of ketchup can be discarded in favor of homemade tomato sauce.

3. Operation "Clean Table"

If you always have a dish with sandwiches on the dinner table, what is the probability that you will not be able to resist and arrange an unplanned snack? Remove all plates and vases from the table, you do not need to expose your own will power to an extra temptation. Sweets, pastries and any snacks should not be seen once again if you are trying to get rid of extra pounds.

4. Change the dishes

Thinking about how to lose weight, many women do not see worthy alternatives to diets. However, to achieve good results, you can simply reduce the usual portions of dishes. It will be much easier to do this if you replace the plates with smaller ones. Visually it will seem that you still do not deprive yourself of food, but the portion will be smaller.

5. Power Supply Diary

In order to start to conduct such records, any notebook or notebook is suitable. A prerequisite is to fill in the diary honestly and regularly. Try to describe your diet for several weeks. Visibility of the records will help you understand how balanced your usual menu is.

6. Control over attention

How much do you focus on eating during dinner or dinner? Perhaps, much more attention you spend on watching TV or news feeds on social networks. When a person is distracted and tries to combine eating with other things, the probability to eat more than necessary to saturate the body, significantly increases.

7. More movement, less additional portions

If immediately after eating you do not feel saturated, do not rush to impose an additive. The body can not instantly absorb food. It's best to go for a walk or do things right after the meal.

8. Drinking regime

Practicing any changes in the diet, do not forget about the water balance. The best option - to drink a day about 2 liters of still water. It has a beneficial effect on internal processes in the human body, contributes to the removal of accumulated toxins.

9. Fatty foods

Among the usual vegetables, fruits and even spices, you can find good assistants in the struggle for harmony. Ginger, mustard, artichokes, eggplant, cinnamon, green peas, spinach, celery, onions and beetroot are distinguished in this respect.

10. Proper Motivation

To change a habitual diet and to refuse bad habits is a difficult task. Therefore it is very important to constantly motivate yourself. Choose yourself an example to follow or start regularly talking with people who are now, like you, fighting for their own harmony.
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