Fashion trends of the season spring-summer 2018

Fashion is fleeting as life itself. It is sometimes incredibly difficult to chase after the latest trends. Fortunately, there are leading designers, whose opinion for many girls is comparable to a light in the dark. Their decisions are sometimes incredibly creative, but they are trusted and certainly try to inherit. What did these "gurus" dictate to wear in the upcoming spring-summer season of 2018?

Lavender shade

Lavender - spring shade

Lavender in all its variations at the peak of popularity. This is an incredibly fresh color, breathing in the spring. In a similar range can be performed as a separate detail of the image, and onions in general.


Denim things in the trend. Designers are advised to show imagination in the denim socks.

Products from jeans again in the trend

The following options are possible:
  • "varenka";
  • an abundance of patch pockets;
  • effect of brush strokes;
  • super topical fringe.


In the upcoming season, it is played out not only as part of the decor, but also as the main element of the image. The gurus of the fashion world are advised to wear loose dresses, entirely and sewn from a long fringe.


Mini skirts go into the background. Now they are replaced by shorts of every possible cut and color.

Shorts - focus on slender legs

Actual will be both a strict classical model and a sports variant.

Pencil skirt

Do not be afraid of such ideas. The style of the librarian is not promoted. In fashion, bright models, cut from fabrics of various textures and colors.

Pencil skirt 2018 - a bright variation of the classics

The classic model is able to make a more relaxed deep cut on the side.


Products made of such material will become a noticeable feature of the season. An enviable popularity among designers is a black vinyl cloak - a thing that is guaranteed to remain in the trend for more than one season.

Diagonal strip

Using an element in your own bow, you need to be especially careful. The vertical strip is capable of both smoothing and emphasizing the shortcomings of the figure.

Stylish look free-cut dresses with a print of vertical stripes in the center of the bow and the diagonals moving away from them on both sides. Such a model is universal. It is guaranteed to fit the fair sex representatives of different complexion and growth.
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