Celebrate Valentine's Day

There are several important rules that help make this holiday memorable and non-trivial:
  • Avoid stamps and stereotypes - routine is enough for us on weekdays.
  • The best gifts on this day are paired. They inspire confidence and hope for the birth of this feeling in everyone's soul.
Gifts for February 14 can be not only valentines, but also various sweets and flowers. So in Japan it is customary to present their beloved with chocolate figures, and Americans are presented with the "second half" of the marzipan. Romantic Danes send each other bunches of dried white flowers. But the stiff British were the most inventive. Residents of the foggy Albion send love not only to relatives and friends, but also to their beloved home pets.
This day can be spent not only with your beloved person - your second half. After all, love is a comprehensive feeling, and the subject of your love can be parents, relatives, close friends, a sincere girlfriend, colleagues at work.

How to celebrate on February 14

The people we love have the right to know that they are dear to you, and you have the right to show your tender feelings towards them.

Corporate with colleagues

If February 14 is a working day, it can be made pleasant and cheerful for colleagues. Let everyone do something pleasant for the colleagues: decorate the workplace, prepare symbolic gifts, take part in anonymous mail for the exchange of "valentines", take part in the culinary competition.

Hanging out with friends

When a girl is in a state of creative search for a betrothed, this holiday can be a starting point in the search for the love of all life. Go to a youth café, a fashion show, or arrange a hen party at home: chat heart to heart, dance, say "betrothed-ryazhenyh" - rest your soul and share the warmth of your soul.

student party

Several couples in love can participate in a live quest in a beautiful countryside place: provided that the weather will be favorable - you can play in the fresh air, and for young people a mobile game is preferable.

Ideas for a romantic dinner

The success of a holiday for two in a home environment is not only to have delicious and beautiful dishes on the table, the main thing is to create a romantic, sensual atmosphere, based on the decoration of the house, table layout, clothes selection, special lighting and music.

The vital wisdom that the way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach, is taken up actively by more than one generation of women. The beautiful half of humanity accepts the fact that a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day is an indispensable and indisputable condition. To surprise a loved one, you need to prepare a dinner-confession.
  • No one argues - a hot dish is necessary, but make it light and beautiful. It will look like this: at the bottom of the dishes we put a "pillow" of vegetables, herbs and greens, then meat or fish, and on top "cover" with a layer of vegetables. Pour the dish with water and cook in the oven, without stirring.
  • For a festive evening meal, a little light sparkling wine, champagne.
  • Products in desserts, cookies, pies or cakes are aphrodisiacs: bananas and nuts.
  • On a flat white plate, serve dessert portion by writing melted chocolate declaration of love.
  • Decorate the table will help red and green apples with heart-inserts (in green - red, in red - green). For this you can use cookie cutlery.
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