Temperament of the child (part 1)

Everyone from birth has this or that temperament. These are his individual psycho-physiological properties, on which the character of a person depends, his working capacity, energy, emotional background, etc. Change of temperament is impossible, but it is not necessary, it can not be good or bad, each temperament has its pros and cons .

About temperament

There are 4 types of temperament. But very rarely all these temperaments are found in pure form, most often in the character of a person there are many signs typical for all kinds of temperaments. Just the main, leading, becomes one.
  1. Choleric. Impulsive, very active, sometimes quick-tempered and aggressive. He often changes his mood. Can not control their emotions. He speaks quickly, he has active gesticulation and facial expressions.
  2. Melancholic. Very sensitive, receptive to everything. But he does not like to show his feelings, often closed, badly tolerates change.
  3. Sanguine. Very balanced, quickly changes his interests, plans, well manages his emotions. He easily gets used to everything new. If he is interested in this or that, he can be very active. It is a cheerful and active person, but at the same time frivolous.
  4. Phlegmatic person. They are incredibly calm people, who are hard to get mad. They are reserved, slow, poorly adapt to new circumstances, with difficulty switch from one activity to another.

Temperament in preschool children

Communicating with the child, it is very important to determine what kind of temperament the leader has. How to do it? This test is designed for preschool children. Observe the child and answer the following questions (the letters in the brackets are the features of this or that temperament):
  1. How your baby communicates with peers
  2. :
    • he listens to what others say, communicates vigorously (C);
    • speech impulsive and fast, the interlocutor almost does not hear (X);
    • speaks not very loudly, but the speech sounds confidently, it is even, although slightly slow (F);
    • he speaks uncertainly, very little, very quietly (M).
  3. How your baby perceives comments:
    • if he is guilty, promises not to do so, but quickly forgets his promise (C);
    • does not obey, screams, shows a violent reaction, does everything in his own way (X);
    • silently listens (F);
    • reacts strongly: worries, resents, but does not argue (M).
  4. You came to the doctor's office, to the game room or another place unfamiliar to the baby:
    • the child is mobile, active, well-oriented in a new place (C);
    • the baby is too excited, shows activity (X);
    • feels calm, looks around and the environment around (F);
    • he is timid, shy, feels confused (M).
  5. You went out for a walk:
    • the kid quickly begins to play with the kids, can easily their toys, it's easy to persuade them to swap them;
    • does not avoid other children, immediately starts playing with them, but takes away other people's things and does not give their toys (X);
    • the child does not avoid other kids, plays with them, but does not talk much, behaves calmly, does not take away other people's things, but also does not share his (F);
    • he is timid and insecure, he values ​​his toys very much, he is attached to them, he does not give them to anyone, but he does not take them from others either (M).
  6. Observe the expression of the child's face:
    • He has a cheerful face with a fervent smile, his face often changes (C);
    • facial expression businesslike, cocky, can change dramatically (X);
    • mimicry calm, contemplative, rarely changing (F);
    • pensive face, facial expression changes rarely, often it is offended or alarmed, sad (M).
With this test, you can determine for yourself what your child's temperament is leading. If your answers are dominated by the letter M (in parentheses), then he is a melancholic, X-choleric, F-phlegmatic, S-sanguine. You will learn how to apply this knowledge in practice from the second part of the article.
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