Developing games for a child 0-6 months

Developing games for children 0-6 months help mothers reveal only the best qualities in them. Developing a small personality you need to focus on his age, which in infancy flies so quickly. Every month makes rapid changes in the skills and abilities of the crumbs. Therefore, developing games for a child at 3 months are very different from the lessons for a six-month-old crumbs.

Developing games for children by month

Do not think that the newborn child is completely unintentional and does not need any developmental activities. The baby's brain actively works and learns new information for him since birth. To make the developing game process for a newborn the most productive, one must adapt to his abilities and interests during this period.

Developing games for the child 0-3 months

In his first month of life, the crumb actively adapts to the new conditions of life and gets used to the rhythm around. He needs a lot of time to sleep, and the main developing tool is the care and love of mom. Tactile sensations bring a lot of new information. The crumb and mum establish a lactation. In the period from 0 to 3 months it is very important to be near the child. Joint stay helps to establish milk production, which is important for further immunity and health.

With 2-3 months of developing games begin to acquire a more familiar form for adults. A child can notice bright and interesting objects and already has a special way of responding to the manipulations of loved ones. By this time, you can start developing such development games for 0-3 months:
  • Finger developing games. Forty-raven and other games that help develop finger motility;
  • Scraps. Ask the crumb to study by touch the scraps of different fabrics that differ in texture;
  • The grub. Invite the child to grab a rattle, your fingers or other object of interest;
  • Reaction. Ring the bell from one ear of the child and from the other. Speak his name. Rattle with a rattle so that the child reacts to the sound;
  • Physical development. The best ways to develop a child's physical health are swimming in a circle, gymnastics and motivating him to climb;
The process of playing should bring pleasure to both mother and child. Do not adjust yourself to certain results and set goals. You can read books to a child or sing songs. Any pastime with mother at that age play a developing role.

Developing games in 3-6 months

During this period, the child's interest in everything around him is gaining momentum. Develop not only mental, but also physical abilities. Therefore, it is important to play games on thinking using physical exercises. The main thing in carrying out any occupation is not to forget that it's just a game. Do not take it too seriously and get frustrated if there is no visible result. In infancy, the most important development is emotional satiety. Therefore, priority should be tactile games, songs, dances and walks.

The most suitable games at this age will be:
  • Koo-ku. You can replace the usual "ku-ku" with "where is my baby?" Or "where is my mother?";
  • Ladushki. At the age of 4 to months the child begins to clap his hands independently when the parent recited a familiar rhyme;
  • pyramids, cubes, matryoshka. Psychologists believe that the ability of crumbs to invest one object in another is important in its psycho-emotional and mental development. At first, you can add these toys to the child's hands, and later to offer the crumb to handle independently;
  • high-low, far-close. Hold the toy and say: "close". Just repeat and explain other actions. You can raise it high and lower it low. It will please him more;
  • gymnastics. Choose accordingly the abilities of the child;
  • dialogue in the language of the child. In the period of 3-6 months, children begin to walk and speak their language. Parents can repeat his sounds and provoke a child to develop speech.
Using the newfangled techniques for playing and developing crumbs, do not forget about the usual games. Children respond well to such activities as "go goat horned, bear-toed," "riding bumps" and other motions with motions.
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