To be in my opinion! .. Five best techniques for fulfilling desires

We make a wish by blowing out candles on the birthday cake and under the New Year chimes, dreaming before sleep about something unrealizable or completely earthly ... We dream and sincerely believe that our air locks will become a reality. I will tell you about five powerful techniques that will accelerate the implementation of the plan.


It is also called a "treasure map". Simply put, it's an application on a sheet of whatman you create from pictures and photographs that personify your desires. Make it simple: put a fresh photo in the center, where you are happy, smiling and liking yourself. Next, place by sector photos, pictures, stickers and signatures that personify for you different areas of life. In what order to do it - decide for yourself. I advise you to listen to your inner voice and give yourself into intuition. So, these are the sectors:
  • Wealth and abundance. All its material goals are to be placed in this sector - cuttings from magazines, advertising brochures and, in general, photos of everything that one wants so much to do are perfect here.
  • Success and recognition. This part of the card is responsible for the position in society, fame and achievement of goals. Red carpet, statuette Oscar, Nobel Prize - we place everything here.
  • Love and relationships. The sector will help you find love and establish existing relationships, so do not skimp on hearts, cupids, paired images of animals or lovers couples.
  • Family and home. Here you can find photos of your relatives and friends or a picture of a happy family. In general, in this part you can paste all the images that you associate with family well-being.
  • Children and creativity. You dream of replenishment in the family - urgently glue pictures with smiling little boys. Here, attach everything that is associated with creativity for you, everything that gives inspiration.
  • Knowledge and training. In this sector, place a photo of a diploma, driver's license, certificate of passage of studies, books and textbooks. Do not ignore this sphere - self-realization in our life is very important.
  • Career and salary. Are you dreaming about opening your own cafe? Glue a similar picture. If you want a raise to your salary - show a monetary mountain and sign "I earn such a sum in a month".
  • Travel and assistants. Here you can find photos of countries and places where you would like to visit, as well as assistants - people whom you can call your mentors. If there are none, glue pictures with a goldfish, an angel or a magic wand - the main thing is that there is an association with the fulfillment of desire.

Creating a poster of desires is one of the most enjoyable activities.


In this technique, the most important assistant is your imagination. Choose the moment when none of the household members can stop you. Sit back comfortably, close your eyes and imagine that your wish has already come true. An important nuance is to represent in all details, as if you are watching a movie, where you are the main character.

For example, you dream of getting married - then imagine your ideal wedding. Here it is, right now in your imagination. What dress are you wearing? Or maybe not at all in a dress, but in jeans and a T-shirt? What is in your hands a bouquet? What cake? Where does the ceremony take place: in the registry office or on the shore of the ocean? There is no point in being embarrassed and thinking with rational categories like: "there is no money for it" or "it does not really matter to me". We dream, then everything will be enough and everything is possible! Remember not only the details, but also your condition: joy, confidence, calmness. You will remember them when your wish comes true. Believe me, if not everything, then a lot will necessarily happen exactly as you intended. There will also be money, and opportunities, and resources.

Visualize well in a relaxed environment

The technique of "a glass of water"

Water has an amazing energy - this is not only said in esoteric treatises, but has long been proven by science. Molecules of a liquid change their structure depending on external factors. It turns out that if we can influence this ancient matter, then it can influence our life. This magical property of water can be used for good.

So, for this technique, be sure to use purified water. Ideally - thawed, but you can and just buy a pure non-carbonated store. Pour it into a small glass, put in front of you and mentally formulate your desire. Think about the fact that everything has already been done. Now imagine that between your hands formed a clot of energy in the form of a small ball. Feel it, and how to "turn" in your hands. Maybe it will not work out right away, but you will surely feel a slight tension in your hands. Continuing to think about his desire, as if to "lower" this lump of energy into a glass of water, fill it with his positive emotions. After that, drink water and calmly wait for the fulfillment of the cherished dream.

What could be simpler than a glass of water filled with coveted desires?

A hundred-day book

For this method, take a beautiful notebook or notebook, in which there are a hundred sheets. On the last page write down your desire with terms and as if already executed. Has written down? Excellent! Now, within a hundred days, fill out your notebook one day on a single page. Write down what you did to make your dream come true. If you can not influence the process, you can not - mark everything that seems important to you. Be on the alert - the universe will necessarily give you signs and make hints. Even if in a hundred days the desire does not come true, you will still very much advance ahead on your way to it.

The more you order, the more will be accomplished. Verified!

Trust the world

Finally, I left the most important technique of fulfilling the hidden desires. Having told the universe about the most intimate, you need your dream ... let go. The more you think about desire, the more importance you attach to it, breaking the subtle energy balance of the universe. You know, as they say: "Everything will come true, you just have to stop." So do not get hung up, let go of anxiety, worry and trust in unknown forces.

Now you know in what language you need to talk with the universe, so that your wishes will come true. Remember that everything you can imagine - we can get! Therefore, dream with the mind! Good luck to you!

To trust the world, it's enough just to relax and listen to his whisper

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