Women's summer hats

A hat is a good accessory, especially in hot summer weather. The hat is able not only to protect from sunlight, but also to make the image easy and playful. How to choose the best hat?

Types of summer hats

Thatched. Perfect fit straw hats in the heat. Such a hat will give femininity and look very easy anywhere: on the sea, on a romantic date, and on a journey. It will perfectly combine with a light dress or sundress, as well as top and short jeans shorts. A hat with wide margins will reliably protect your face and shoulders from the scorching sun.

Textile. The most profitable material for such a simple hat is flax. It quickly absorbs moisture, and in it the scalp breathes well. This hat is suitable for long walks along the streets of the city. It blends harmoniously with costumes, dresses and sarafans, fits well into the beach landscape.

Klosh. In its form, such a hat is like a bell. If such a hat is made of dense material, then it can be worn in cool weather.

The Cowboy. Very stylish and cool hat. In this hat, you can feel like a hero of an American western. It fits perfectly with boots, checkered shirts and jeans. In this case, the most successfully emphasizes femininity, elegance and elegance. Perfectly complement the image.

The cowboy hat fits perfectly with jeans

Wicker hat - a canoe. This kind of hat is much more appropriate on the beach. But if it is made in natural color, and clothes - in the style of safari, then this option will be quite appropriate in the conditions of the city.

Colors, fabrics and decor

Very popular in the manufacture of summer hats are colored straws and other substitute materials. In addition, textiles and cotton fabric are also used. Modern straw hats are very often decorated with a wide variety of elements. It can be all sorts of ribbons, flowers or beads.

As for the color scheme, there are no restrictions in the summer. At this time in the fashion all the brightest, so you can safely choose the most saturated colors.

Trends in Hat Fashion

The summer hat is not just an accessory that protects the sun. The hat also completes the image, making it vivid, fashionable and conceptual. For example, the most popular models of straw hats are with wide edges. It always looks very elegant and feminine. Such a hat can completely cover the girl's face. With a light flirtatious gesture, the hat can be raised. Often wide-brimmed hats are decorated with beautiful ribbons.

Straw hat will crush femininity and look good by the sea

Girls with thin faces are best suited hats with medium fields. These girls can choose elegant hats in retro style. At the same time, chubby and full-cheeked ladies suit taller hats, they can lengthen the face. If the lady's face is like a square, then it is recommended that she choose a hat with wide margins and lots of bends.

If the girl's face is "triangular", then it is worth choosing a hat that does not fit the contours of the face too tightly. Wear a spacious headdress on one side. However, when choosing a hat, you should not rely solely on fashion trends, otherwise you will incorrectly choose a headgear for your type of face.

Thus, the hat is a very necessary accessory. He should be in the wardrobe of every lady, it is important only to choose the right one.
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