To live a civil marriage?

Long gone are the days of sanctimonious condemnation of couples living together without official registration of relations, but in the "lobby" to this day disputes of supporters and opponents of such unions continue to subside.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the legal, moral, psychological and social aspects in assessing this modern phenomenon is both positive and negative.


  • Partners are not burdened with any obligations. Nobody, does not explain anything to anyone and does not report.
  • Trial marriage ("demo version") - checking the severity of the relationship in a couple, as if "a test pen."
  • Such a union is a test for the psychological, sexual and everyday compatibility of women and men. A joint pastime in the 24 hours a day mode 7 days a week will make it clear whether lapping lovers to each other is possible. And the intimate side of the question for the majority is the "cornerstone" of a successful union.
  • A woman can "untwist" a man at least for such cohabitation, since the "official" for him is forbidden. So she can be close, dreaming of becoming unique and unique.
  • Informal marriage makes it possible to break off relations at any time and without the participation of the state. Official divorce is time, strength, nerves and money costs.


  • He and she ambiguously perceive the lack of officiality in their relations. When sociological surveys 92% of women from informal unions call themselves married. While 85% of men living near them, position themselves as unmarried. A woman often finds herself stably determined in the family plan, and at that time he can be in the "creative search" companion for life.
  • In such an alliance, there is no responsibility of the partners to each other and to possible offspring. Irresponsibility transforms the union of loving people into a defective, inferior cohabitation, which prevents them from becoming a full-fledged cell of society in the future. Any extraordinary situation (pregnancy, childbirth, loss of work, illness) can become a ballast in the relationship.
  • There is no legal responsibility. If the relationship breaks down or one of the couple leaves the life, the other may have problems if the "union" was taken loans, mortgages, large purchases.
  • Different plans for the development of relations. In such relationships, she seeks a stable marriage through the registry office, and he "is so good". Hence - the lack of long-term projects in the family life: the planning of major acquisitions, joint vacations, the birth of children.

Why does a man not marry?

  • Children's memories of the unsuccessful marriage of their parents: either scandals and fights, or life in an incomplete family with all the ensuing consequences.
  • Experience your own unsuccessful marriage, painful dissolution. He does not want to attack the same rake any more.
  • Bachelor habits are his second "skin". The way of life of a lonely man is his "paradise" on earth.
  • The status of an unmarried person "drags out" - you can enter into any relationship without restrictions.
  • Infantilism of many modern men. Afraid to take responsibility for family well-being. The possibility of a child's birth is a heavy burden for him, because he is afraid to share with the child the love and attention of a woman who previously belonged only to him.
  • All the pleasure of life he receives and without a stamp in his passport. Why would he need more stress?
  • Fear and unwillingness to pay alimony. He is not ready to work not only for himself. Infantility and moral immaturity play a significant role here. Imposing by third parties of their opinions. Friends are unmarried or divorced, and why should he "climb into the yoke"?
  • Lack of a strong feeling for a woman is also one of the weighty reasons.

How does a woman feel?

Women who agreed to the role of concubines and resigned themselves to this fate, and children born in unofficially formed relationships, become their hostages, their most powerless and vulnerable links.
  • To become happy, a woman needs confidence in the reliability of her partner. The main purpose of a woman is to become a mother, and to endure and give birth to a healthy child, she must feel secure.
  • The woman deceives herself, hoping eventually to become "that unique". She loses herself by dissolving in a partner, and he is not ready to accept such a "sacrifice". Because, having lost her own "I", the lady becomes uninteresting for the gentleman. A woman blames a man for her efforts undeservedly ignored.
  • The worst variant - a woman tries to "tie" a man to her with the birth of a child, and sometimes she does it to him as punishment. A long-lasting happy marriage she does not see, but the perspective of an incomplete family - shines.
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