Therapeutic starvation at home

Moderate and controlled fasting is an effective measure that can be used to completely cure many diseases, cleanse the body and significant. This technique showed itself well in cases where medication did not help.

Therapeutic starvation is not a diet. The latter involves the dosed consumption of certain foods. Wellness fasting is just drinking pure water.

History of the methodology

The most famous healers practiced such a method of treatment a thousand years ago. Avicenus, Hypocrates, Paracelsus - these great minds prescribed complete abstinence from food to their patients. The term "therapy" varied depending on the disease.

Main stages

The main goal of therapy is not only the treatment of the disease, but also the principle of "do no harm". Is it possible to competently pass the course of starvation without medication? Yes, it is quite. I propose to disassemble the main stages of curative starvation:
  • the period of refusal of food;
  • exit from starvation;
  • the subsequent way of life.

Short-term rejection of food

Therapeutic starvation is not a diet. The latter involves the dosed consumption of certain foods. During the period of health-improving fasting, the patient drinks only water.

Exit from fasting

The very period of the therapeutic diet is still half the battle. It is much more important to get out of starvation correctly. The period of withdrawal by duration is equivalent to abstinence.

At this time, solid food is absolutely contraindicated. Instead, people use freshly squeezed juices from seasonal vegetables and fruits. Best suited apple, orange and carrot. It is necessary to start with a concentrated drink. Then gradually switch to pure juice.


Fasting is not shown to everyone. It is better to delay with such a radical measure the following categories:
  • pregnant;
  • nursing mothers;
  • patients with ischemic heart disease;
  • suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.

Literature on the topic

As was said above, the technique is about a thousand years old. Many famous doctors practiced starvation for the sake of health. It is logical that these figures left a literary trace to their descendants.

What can I read about fasting to better understand the mechanism of therapy?
  1. Paul Breg "The miracle of starvation."
  2. Nikolaev, Nilov and Cherkasov "Starvation for Health".
  3. "Treatment of starvation by the method Suvorin."
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