Masking rules: five ways to quickly hide skin defects and shortcomings

Perfect, beautiful skin is the dream of many girls. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of a healthy color and a tightened oval face without visible defects. If you are unhappy with your reflection in the mirror, do not rush to despair. I gathered five simple but effective ways to properly and quickly hide even the most noticeable skin imperfections.

Clean means beautiful

Healthy, well-groomed skin begins with cleansing - this is not stopped by cosmetologists and dermatologists. Due to poor ecology, gas pollution of cities, our skin is exposed to serious stress every day. As a reliable filter, it serves as a barrier against negative environmental factors, delays dust and dirt.

The first thing to do when you return home in the evening is to thoroughly clean the skin of accumulated contaminants. But remember that carefully, does not mean hard - the skin of the face is very tender, so do not rub it. So you risk before the time to see in the mirror the first wrinkles. Carefully and gently remove the makeup residue and dirt with a cotton disc and micellar water, tonic or milk. If necessary, wash with a cleansing gel. Try not to use alcohol lotions, even if you have a combination or oily skin, so you can easily dry it and get unnecessary scaling.

Once - we'll steam out, two - we'll make a scrub

The next stage of cleaning the skin of the face is how to steam it to open the pores. For this purpose, you can use special steaming masks and napkins, and you can apply the simplest and most budgetary method - to hold your face over the steam bath for 15-20 minutes. A useful additive in the water for steaming will be oils and medicinal herbs, familiar from childhood - chamomile, calendula, mint, string.

Prepared in this way, the skin should be cleaned of dead and keratinized cells with a soft scrub or peeling. This procedure should not be repeated too often, it will be enough once or twice a week. Be careful if your skin reacts very sensitively to irritants and is prone to couperose - large particles of scrub can seriously damage it.

Basis of bases - humidification

Well-groomed skin, elastic and taut, is impossible without daily moisturizing. The correctness of this thesis does not need to convince the owners of dry skin, for which additional moisture is a real salvation. At the same time, girls with a combined skin type often presumptuously neglect moisturization due to the appearance on the face of a fat gloss. But this is just a myth: a moisturizer does not provoke sebum secretion. If you did not manage to make friends with him, just replace the cream with a lighter emulsion in the texture and let it absorb well.

The total consumption of clean water affects the skin condition. Often a gray, "earthy" complexion, rashes and other skin imperfections - the result is just a violation of the water balance. The daily intake of water is about 30 ml per kilogram of weight. This means that a fragile girl weighing 50 kilograms every day, besides soups, tea, coffee, juices and other drinks, should drink about 1.5 liters of water. For this, the facial skin will say "thank you".

Mask, I know you!

The cosmetic market is full of different face masks for every taste and purse. In a pharmacy or a specialized cosmetics store, you will easily find a remedy for a particular purpose: moisturizing, tightening the skin, brightening or fighting defect. When buying, pay attention to the composition - it is better if it is as natural as possible, without silicones, parabens and other harmful additives.

The best assistants in the struggle for perfect skin will be mud and alginate masks, as well as products containing tea tree oils, marigolds, snail mucus and salicylic acid. Do not forget to test a new product before use - apply a small amount on your wrist, let it dry and watch for 24 hours. If there was no feeling of discomfort and itching, the skin did not turn red, then safely use the mask for the intended purpose.

Sleight of arms and a little magic

Correctly selected tonal base, correctors, as well as products for konturinga in minutes can mask the shortcomings and turn any girl into a star from the cover of gloss. The main thing is not to get carried away by such magical transformations, because your goal is not to redraw the appearance, but to make imperceptible small defects.

The success in creating an ideal make-up largely depends on the tonal basis. Choose a tone that is as close as possible to the color of your skin and do not forget to carefully blend those places where the transitions are most noticeable: on the hair growth line, near the ears and neck. Aligning the tone, turn to the masking of obvious defects: the corrector of a green shade will be applied to the pimples and scars, red - we will lace the circles under the eyes, purple will remove the unnecessary yellowness.

Now that all the flaws are safely hidden, you can give the person a relief and even slightly adjust his features. Bronzer or a dark powder we conduct oblique lines on hollows under cheekbones - so visually we hide cheeks. A light highlighter should be put on the convex parts of the face - the tip of the nose, the zone above the upper lip, the top of the cheekbone. To make the look more open will help shine the shadows with glitter in the inner corner of the eye. Fix the result best of all with mineral matting powder and a fixative spray.

Using these simple and affordable methods, you can easily hide any skin imperfections in a matter of hours. However, it is best not to mask imperfections, but to eliminate their cause. A competent cosmetologist will help you choose the right care, the gastroenterologist will check whether everything is in order with the stomach, the endocrinologist will tell you about the effect of hormones, and many gynecologists will give many practical advice. Take care of your body from the inside, take care of the skin from the outside and after a while you will be able to say goodbye to the problems on the skin forever.
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