Safety rules in winter

Winter is a wonderful time of the year: fresh frosty air, a lot of winter fun (skiing, skiing, skating). Children usually come from the street contented, all in the snow, and with a bright blush on their cheeks. But at this time of year it is easy to get injured, to earn frostbite if you do not follow the safety rules. How to behave in such situations? About this and talk.

Prevention of frostbite

Most often, frost affects ears, nose and hands. To freeze them, you do not have to walk at very low temperatures, a combination of moist air, cold wind and light frost can cause frostbite. Therefore, you need to take care of your health in any weather, even if it seems to you that it is not very cold outside. Prevention of frostbite:
  1. Use special winter creams that need to be applied 20 minutes before going outside. To protect the lips use hygienic lipstick.
  2. Winter clothes and shoes should not be too tight. Do not dress very warm, but otherwise you can sweat, and then freeze. Children prefer to buy a special thermal underwear, which will remove moisture.
  3. In a warm room, take off your winter shoes, otherwise your legs will sweat, and then quickly get cold when you go out into the street. If a child has got wet feet or mittens, it is better to go home right away. Children are much quicker to lose heat, so they can easily get frostbite.
If you still feel that your nose or fingers are frozen, you do not need to rub them with snow or try to warm them with hot water. It is better to put your hands in a little warm water or apply a warm compress to the affected area, and then rub it lightly until the skin turns red. If the sensitivity has not returned (within 3 hours), you have found swelling on the frostbitten areas or blisters, immediately go to the doctor.

Injuries and falls

Injuries in winter, unfortunately, are also not uncommon. But they can be prevented:
  1. During the slide on the hill, ensure that your child follows the safety rules: he does not stand where other children ride, does not push, does not build trains from the sleigh.
  2. Do not allow a child to jump into a snowdrift. Under it can be pipes, bushes, stones, etc., falling on which, the baby can get injured.
  3. Bypassing multi-storey buildings or other buildings, if on the roofs appeared icicles or snow accumulations.
  4. If the ice begins, choose comfortable shoes. You can buy special devices (ice boots), which are worn on shoes and do not allow it to slide.
If you or your child is injured, you should immediately go to the emergency room. With severe pain and dizziness should ask for help from passers-by. Did the child hit his head or hurt his stomach? It is necessary immediately to call an ambulance or even to go to the hospital, even if he feels well. If the bruise is small, the baby should be reassured, ask where it hurts and whether it hurts. Watch him all day long. If you have any complaints (pain, nausea, vomiting), immediately go to the doctor.

The baby licked the iron

Everyone knows that it is impossible to lick iron in the cold, but not children. Even if warned of danger, the kids can still do this trick, just out of curiosity. Therefore, children should be closely monitored. But if the child still stuck to an iron swing or a fence, what to do in this situation? First of all, calm down. No need to panic and frighten the child. Do not pull the baby, trying to tear off the tongue from the iron, since in this case the tongue will only be torn off with the skin, that is, bleeding will appear.

What to do? Well, if you took a warm tea or water in a thermos for a walk. Pour her tongue, he will fall back and fall behind. If there is no warm water at hand, you can ask her in the nearest house or pharmacy, store, call friends who will come to the rescue. You can also try to free up the language by breathing on it. Tell the child to breathe on the tongue, too, try to warm him up with a warm breath, putting his hands to his mouth. It will recede and gradually stiffen.

If you still have your tongue torn off and blood has gone, it's right to press the wound with a piece of cloth right on the street. It is necessary to immediately wash the wound, first with warm boiled water, and then with hydrogen peroxide. A small bleeding will stop itself, if the blood continues to go, you need to immediately run to the doctor.

Winter can be remembered for fun games on the street, marathon rides or ski marathons if you follow the safety rules. Be careful and attentive, take care of yourself and your loved ones.
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