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We already know what applications should be on your phone (did you read my previous articles ?), Now I want to advise you books that opened my eyes to what maternity should be like, that the child was happy and my mother did not come down with mind.

"The beginning of your child's life" EO Komarovsky

I think every mom knows about this doctor. I like Evgeny Olegovich's progressive approach. No you mustard plasters, instilling breast milk in the nose, a ban on walking for another week after the illness. Only airing, fresh and moist air, clothes for the season and a smaller amount of parental fuss. This book was presented to me and it became my desktop. Appealed to her very often and found the answers to all her questions concerning the health of my Baby.

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"How to become a lazy mom" Anna Bykova

Someone now was horrified, but believe me, those who read the book will never call this mother lazy in life. With real laziness, these councils have nothing in common. On the contrary, you should rather do much more than the usual "non-sluggish" Mom, for example, ten or more times to wash the table, the floor and the baby until he learns to eat with a spoon. Anna tells how to raise a child independent and help him comprehend and study this world, and not try to do it for him. The book is very easy to read, I read it in the evening and I'll read it again and again.

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"Developing classes of a lazy mother" Anna Bykova

The second book is from, for now, a trilogy. In it Anna tells and proves that the best developing toy is mom (dad, grandmother) with her live speech, facial expressions, intonation and the function of all-explanations. Be sure to read! I took a lot of fears: am I doing the right thing when instead of reading books or playing cards I drag my Baby for a walk for the third time in a day-right! If the weather permits, then you can spend the whole day there, the main thing is constant interaction. This is better than any developing system, artificially "cramming" knowledge into a small child's head.

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"Secret support" Lyudmila Petranovskaya

The book is compulsory for reading to every person who is not even a parent. It tells about the close relationship of mother and child, how important it is to maintain a warm relationship with the child, how it affects our future life, the myths of upbringing are broken, and children's behavior is explained. I left a lot of bookmarks in this book, I want to and will return to it. The "secret support" is tiny, reads for the evening, but its soft wisdom will remain with you for many years.

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"How to say that children listen and how to listen to children talk" Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlisch

The authors advise reading this book thoughtfully and not making any drastic changes in their lives. This is a textbook that will help to avoid conflicts of generations, teach you how to communicate with your child in his language and will help you understand yours. The name speaks for itself! A book that has been tested by the time and experience of thousands of mothers. I just have to apply the knowledge, but I'm glad that I learned all these subtleties!

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This is only five good books for parents, but there are dozens of them and I'm looking forward to a feedback from you! Please advise what else you can read to a young mother for "pumping" all the necessary skills and knowledge! Let's share in the comments with your favorites!
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