Secrets of a Happy Relationship

Hundreds, and even thousands of books have been written on this subject. Many psychologists are struggling to solve the mystery of secrets - the secrets of happy relationships. Yet all their efforts are futile. People both diverge and divergent. What kind of science is that only a few comprehend? Are there universal tips, following which the couple will surely maintain a strong, stable relationship?

Three elephants

Any relationship, at whatever stage they are, are held on by the "three elephants" :
  • understanding;
  • absolute honesty;
  • mutual respect.


Understanding each other with a half-word is the secret of a strong relationship

The main secret is to be on the same wavelength. Understanding each other "without words" - when one starts a thought, and the second ends it. Such a principle is impossible without common interests. It can be the same music, books, movies - anything, giving rise to interesting topics for both conversations.

But this is only the "first elephant". Yes, it is important. But it will not cost absolutely nothing without the other two.

Absolute honesty

The main reason for parting is a lack of talk and lies. In fact, these are two sides of the same coin. A wormhole that destroys relationships from within.

Deception is the rot, which sooner or later will necessarily open. And the longer he hides, the more serious the consequences.

Frankness is the best way to show your love

Prolonged misunderstandings about something shameful are equally destructive.
It is necessary to talk about everything. Frankness is the main key for maintaining relationships.

Mutual respect

Respect each other! Appreciate the opinion of your loved one. Listen carefully. And then everything will be fine.

Hidden Enemy

But there is a main enemy for any, even the most robust relationship. He can suddenly arise in the minds of everyone. In case of its appearance, it is possible to put a cross on these relations. The name of this cunning demon is Jealousy.

What causes these emotions? Feeling of ownership.

Nobody belongs to anyone. Healthy relationships are possible only if the partner is given freedom.
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