Accessories - irreplaceable assistants in the struggle for female beauty

Every woman dreams of being not only beautiful, but also always mysterious, interesting and unique. Therefore, creating one's own style and image is one of the most important tasks for women of any age. But absolutely any female image will seem pale and uninteresting, unless it is supplemented by various accessories. Artfully selected jewelry can not only give a woman a certain charm, but even dilute, for example, a too strict style. Selection of accessories is a very difficult task, which requires certain knowledge and skills. In this article we will talk about the existing secrets of the selection of female accessories.

First, let's see what kind of things belong to the category of accessories. Women's assistants in creating a unique image are all kinds of jewelry and costume jewelry (beads, rings, brooches, hairpins), glasses, watches, hats, bags, belts, umbrellas and even shoes are included in the list of accessories. All these things are capable of bringing a zest to the female image, and spoil it completely.

Imagine a woman in a strict business suit, hung with a variety of chains and earrings, and belted with a wide lacquer belt. Presented? And now judge how this woman would look if she were not dressed up like a Christmas tree, but would only add to her business image an elegant watch or, for example, a thin chain with a small pendant, and instead of a varnish belt would choose a thin leather belt . At once it would turn out to be a different kind.

Accessories must harmonize with each other in color

Therefore, as you can see, it is necessary to clearly know what accessories can be worn with. Here are a few simple rules to avoid looking like a tasteless person in the eyes of others.

Rule number 1. Selecting accessories, you must follow the color scheme, everything should be combined and concise.

Rule number 2. The outfit and accessories selected for you should be of the appropriate style.

Rule No. 3. Adornments (necklaces, earrings, bracelets) must necessarily be combined, try to get them from similar material, and buy them better in the kit.

Rule number 4. Classic colors combinations are recognized: black and white, red-black and white-orange color schemes.

Rule number 5. Choose the form of accessories to the shape of your clothes. For clothes with a V-neck, long earrings and rectangular bags are perfect, and to the oval cut, on the contrary, it is better to choose a round or oval bag and small earrings.

Rule number 6. All accessories should be in one proportion with your figure. For example, miniature women are best suited for non-removable things: narrow bag-briefcases, thin heels, narrow straps, flowing handkerchiefs, etc. But ladies with more feminine forms are perfect for large volume bags, massive jewelry, large scarves, stable heels .

Rule number 7. Feeling of a measure. Do not try to put on all the jewelry that you have in your wardrobe. Sometimes, for the completion of the female image, only a handkerchief, skillfully tied round the neck and a beautiful bag on the shoulder, is sufficient.
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