How to lose weight without harm to health?

Sleds are cooked in the summer, but the improvement of the figure is not a sin to think about in the winter. But there is a systematic question: how to lose weight without harm to health? There are few people who want to get additional bonuses along with the dream figure - planted stomach and liver. All these are frequent consequences of "fast" diets, promising the greatest possible weight loss in the shortest possible time.

Safe practices

Are there methods that, together with weight loss, do not provoke aggravation, but on the contrary - significantly improve health? As they say in Odessa, yes. Next, the most popular ways will be considered.

Proper nutrition

This is not a diet. It's a way of life, sticking to which is not so difficult.

What are its main principles?
  1. It is necessary to say a hard and unambiguous "no" to half-finished products, sausages, shop sauces.
  2. If possible, exclude from the diet high-calorie, fatty foods, smoked products.
  3. The best substitute for pasta on the side dish will be cereals and legumes.
  4. More green in any of its manifestations.
  5. Less salt.
  6. In the diet, along with vegetables, meat and fish (baked or steamed) should be present.
  7. It is necessary to drink a lot of pure (still) water.

Proper nutrition - and the dream figure in your pocket!

Calculate the individual rate of daily water consumption by the following formula. 40 ml must be multiplied by weight in kilograms.


Where without it? Doing sports not only bring to the cherished goal - to lose weight, but also will have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body. Increased stamina. Improve the work of the cardiovascular system. All this will provoke strengthening of immunity.

Sport - a pledge of good health and a fit figure

A man who "is forever with sports," almost always looks younger than his years. In addition, he rarely gets sick.


Attribute of many religions. But in fact, this is the advice of ancestors about nutrition, depending on the time of year. This system was developed, improved not one year, not one century. And I came to the modern generation in the form in which it is open to the world by employees of many faiths. Maybe you should listen to her?

Fasting is the best way to cleanse the soul and body

After all, what is a post? Purification of the soul and body. Eradication of bad thoughts along with the removal of toxins from the body. In the post it is desirable to eat foods that are susceptible to minimal treatment by a person.

Yes, this is not a method of losing weight. Weight loss is a side effect of fasting.
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