How to make money on a hobby?

Our mentality hinders thinking about the opportunity to earn on your hobby, in an occupation that gives us pleasure. So it was led: in the understanding of the Russian woman, work and hobbies are incompatible concepts, the first of which gives money, the second is necessary for the soul.

Let's try to break stereotypes of thinking and prove that any hobby can be monetized. Decide on your talents, which bring you pleasure and in a creative way.

Home photo studio

Photographing with departure is possible with the availability of professional equipment and experience. If there is photo equipment, you can arrange one of the rooms in your home for a family photo studio. This will allow you to hold photo sessions without leaving your home. And you can earn on editing pictures, if you have the skills to work in Photoshop.

Organization of quests

Transferring simple computer games to the real world, you can create story games for children or adults - lovers of outdoor activities.

You can not only invent scenarios of dynamic pastime, but also organize the process itself.

They play in the cafe, in the park, in the office (for its employees), in the school, and even in the apartment or in the house, if space allows. These games are designed not only for brainstorming, but also for the use of physical abilities of players.

Cooking to order

If you know how to cook delicious, good food, it's not difficult to take several companies under the tutelage, for example, in the Business Center (not bad if it is within walking distance of your house).

Working in the office does not allow you to eat full-fledged fresh food, so home-made meals will be very welcome.

Desserts and pastries are especially relevant: no one canceled tea and coffee snacks during the working day, and cookies cooked with soul, cakes and pies are an actual attribute of such ceremonies. To date, very popular cakes to order for the holidays, decorated with mastic and marzipan.


In this group of classes a lot of directions. Everything depends on your hobby: scrapbooking, decoupage, soap making, Tilda doll. To create one's own hands is not only interesting, but also profitable.

How to make money online?

For those who are online 24/7, it will be useful to learn the types of earnings on the Internet.

Video blog

You can have income from watching your videos. Create your video blog and offer to subscribers master classes on making souvenirs, crocheting and knitting, felting pictures, decorating cakes with marzipan. Video channels are in demand among young housewives, who are eager to learn the basics, including culinary arts.

Online store

Social networks will help to open an online store through which you can sell not only purchased at wholesale prices shoes, clothes, accessories, toys, utensils and household items, but everything that you can do with your own hands.

Writing Content

If you have a talent for versification, you can write to order congratulations, acrostics, advertising slogans. A well-developed written speech and a good knowledge of spelling, punctuation and the style of the Russian language will help you in rarate and copy texts on various topics. Especially popular are the exclusive scenarios, often made to order.

Work for women in the decree

  1. Mummies on maternity leave and on parental leave can organize a private mini kindergarten. Your child will be there, in a small children's group there is less incidence, better care and development of children. And the government supports this initiative in every possible way.
  2. If a woman has a great desire, she can help neighbor children with the preparation of homework. It's no secret that people who have received a good education can intelligibly explain the incomprehensible from the school course, and they themselves are not averse to always learning something. Such helpers to children are always needed if the parents are busy and can not help.

What to do for a woman in retirement

Not all pensioners like to spend time on the stool near the entrance. Self-sufficiency, rich life experience, desire to be necessary and useful motivates many to create, make and just share the positive emotions and warmth of skilled hands.

Knitting crochets

Homemade hand-made rugs from knitwear strips are a very fashionable trend in interior design. They like to use in the interior of a country house. And car owners prefer their expensive covers, since the rugs have an easy massage effect. During life you have accumulated a lot of unnecessary things: your own, and children, and grandchildren. Put them into use - let them serve people in a different capacity and bring you income.

Growing seedlings

If age does not allow you to go to the dacha, and the desire to work with the plants remains, you can help other gardeners and growers, growing on your windowsill popular specimens, and even to order.
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