Mass market vs second-hand

There is not one native word in the title, but the matter in the meantime occurs in Russia.

Mass-market - this is a common item that migrated from the markets to shopping centers, and then (or simultaneously with this) and to online stores. Shmot this, as before, is almost the same in all departments, only now it is better quality and the assortment is thicker. Well, you can try it on in a spacious fitting room under the clockwork, and not standing on a cardboard behind a screen of rag, which nervously pulls the rough seller.

Second-hand appeared as a very cheap way to cover up the naked body, which should have been used by those who have everything bad with money. In this case, it is especially surprising that shops with worn clothing continue to exist today - when with money almost all are noticeably better, and in the shopping center (or in the online store) you can snatch new clothes even for 90 rubles.

Sekund-hend is every thing in one copy.

So why are the second hands still alive and well?

• First, body memory

The main thing, in my opinion, is the reason why there are still a lot of women in secons just over 30 and older, and sometimes even men. Some children / adolescents / students from the 90s simply do not believe that the store has things they can afford. And this applies not only to the deep province.
In tiny Russian cities, by the way, there are no normal shopping centers, no second-hand, but still the markets are blooming and smelling of madly expensive clothing of nightmarish quality. Anyone who has mastered the Internet, has mastered and "the Post of Russia", and therefore even in such conditions looks quite to itself in the capital. And the one who has mastered only the TV, believes that cheap clothes as there was not, and no.
Modern shopping centers often frighten people who for some reason do not live very much. It seems to them that everything is too expensive, steep and not human. In short, not for them. And for them - the old-good second-hand, in which everything is simple, without frills.

But only, preferring to delve into things that are piled up horrendously, adherents second-hand did not notice that they have long bought not the cheapest clothes.

• Secondly, the availability of a very inexpensive, but the real brand

Yes-yes, the times of the fartsovki have sunk into oblivion, but brand hunters exist now. They arrange for raids on sekondy exclusively in search of Levi's jeans and Dr. Martens, those that made in England. In a decent second this good stands within a thousand or two wooden (while in a store from five to the most insane sale).

Treasured letters that mean real neubivaemye jeans

Grabbing such a treasure, you can wear it yourself, but you can resell it. The latter is already a whole business, especially in different caliber capitals.

• And the third is not for everyone the obvious reason: chic-shine-beauty

Only in the second-hand you can find a real rag from the 90's, 80's and even 70's, which is well preserved and can be worn. If you are surprised, to whom and why this junk can be needed, then there are lots of answers. For example, for theatrical productions and movies or to fool around. And there are people who seriously love the retro retro and do not hesitate to wear it everywhere, everywhere and for any reason. The Novode always looks like a pathetic parody and, as it is not disguised, is instantly recognized.
By the way, unlike the fastidious opponents of second-hand, their regulars know that they only need to buy "new" things and only what is perfect for you in size. Stories about "this spot I wash", "I'll sew this hole," "I'll pluck these pellets," "I'll tuck it in here," "they do not work there" with a pod. " That's why in secons often go for good luck and rarely with the intention of urgently buying a new coat to replace the old one. Simply put, they buy exactly what they are lucky to buy.
Why do lovers get dressed in second-hand clothes at shopping centers and just as unrestrainedly buy there? But because the mass market is primarily a basic item. T-shirts, turtlenecks, hats-scarves, ordinary coats and jackets. A simple cut, a non-binding style. But only if you do not bring your individual into this basis, memes about "incubators" appear.

Regular shop: minimum color, simple shapes

How to avoid second-hand, but look unusual?

• Go bowing to granny

To repent that they refused to wear socks with mittens, being in the puberty, and ask her to impose on you everything and everything.

• Sew to order

Expensive, long, not always what you need. Having chosen this method, it is almost impossible to dress quickly - there are too many subtleties from choosing your master to choosing fabrics and styles.

Clothing by your standards - which can be more pleasant

• Go to designers

Even more expensive and even longer than the previous version. But, solving such simple and extremely important for all mankind problem, as individuality in clothes, you can make a name and enter the history of fashion.

• Go to designers

Study the assortment of boutiques in your city. Visit the fashion week. Proshtudirovat the latest collections of the best world couturiers. In short, use your millions with profit.

We pass to the main

In the battle between the mass market and second-hand, there are no winners, because shops filled with different clothes solve absolutely different tasks.

From myself I will say that you need to look wider and see deeper. Do not be cold and not squeamish. And remember: if you do not fall in love with clothing at the time of getting acquainted with her in the fitting room, then you will never fall in love again. And it does not matter what price tag is on it and where is the dressing room, the mirror of which reflects you.
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