How to get rid of anxiety?

In the twilight of the night, when the silence is outside the window, and all affairs are finished, somewhere in a warm cozy bed the girl can not fall asleep. Something tortures and gnaws poor thing. And like a shirt stroked, and the dishes are washed, and the children are ready for the lessons, but something prevents sleep. Have you come across such a cute girl?

Hundreds of problems and worries oppress you.

The root of the problem

And the girl is gnawing at this sleepless night - an anxiety, inexplicable and unconscious, a premonition of some kind of evil, or a sediment after the day's events, and maybe both taken together. After such a night and the morning, the poor thing will not be the best. There are several reasons for this state:
  • Stress - can arise because of the upcoming changes, for example, a new job or an introduction to the parents of your young man.
  • Attraction - a deep, emotional craving for something, for a man, for example, or new expensive shoes.
  • Hormones - disorders in the endocrine system lead to a state of anxiety and fear.
  • Disease - can also cause anxiety.
  • Physical exercise - more precisely, its overabundance, do not overwork before going to bed.

Breathe deeply and live with pleasure!

Down with the alarm!

If you, dear girls, live long in a state of stress and anxiety, you can forget about normal life. A constant sense of anxiety causes your body to work in a strengthened mode, only aggravating your condition. We offer you a plan for getting rid of anxiety, read carefully and relax!
  • Identify the source of the alarm: think, what makes you nervous? It is possible to compile a whole list of stimuli, and then to delete from it those points which can in no way be avoided. The rest is better to exclude from your schedule.
  • Organize yourself: if you do not have a clear plan of action, and you constantly do not have time to do it - it also leads to anxiety and stress. Put an end to the mess in your apartment, diary and soul.
  • Count on time: constantly late, and from this you feel worse nowhere? Get a diary in which you will keep a list of your affairs with timestamps. Prepare yourself for every point of the plan in advance, you do not have to constantly hurry, which means that you will feel much calmer.
  • Do not try to control everything - a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety is to accept the idea that you can not control everything at once.
  • The only thing you can control is yourself. But trying to control people and all the situations happening to you is absurd.
  • Do not overload yourself - be realistic, ladies, if you plan a hundred cases that are not of interest to you, then you will psychologically delay their fulfillment, and they will not bring you pleasure. If you constantly think about what you need to do, and you do not want it - it will bring you some frustration.
  • Relax, relax - this is one of the most important stages on the way to peace and peace of mind. Only a full rest will allow you to keep anxiety and stress away from yourself.

Do you fall asleep easily?

To bring your emotional state back to normal, it takes a long time. And what if you need to sleep not in a week, but right this evening? That's what psychologists advise:
  • Try to sleep more. Nedosyp negatively affects the nervous system.
  • Before going to bed, take the phone away so as not to look at it constantly.
  • The best temperature for sleep is 20 degrees, so ventilate the bedroom before going to bed.
  • Provide darkness indoors, that's how the brain rests best. You can simply hang tight curtains, or you can use a mask to sleep.
  • Before going to bed, do not use nicotine, alcohol and other substances that affect the nervous system.
If the alarm has overtaken you suddenly, then you can take special breathing exercises. During stress, a person breathes often and superficially. Calm your breathing: slowly and deeply inhale, hold your breath, count to ten, and then exhale slowly. Exhalation should be several times longer than inhalation. Also you can digress from your problem. By the way, the physical load helps to drown out anxiety, so do fitness - and you'll calm your nerves and let the ass go down.
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