The use of your favorite hobby is knitting

Many modern women are sure that now there is no sense to knit. Why spend hours sitting over something, if the stores have a rich selection of clothes, for every taste and purse? In addition, the threads are very expensive, so this hobby will also have to be spent. But, nevertheless, millions of women do not want to give up knitting, and, as it turned out, they are doing everything right, because it is of great benefit.

Helps to cope with stress

Now many women find it hard to relax: a rabid pace of life, hundreds of responsibilities, plus work related to intense mental activity and stress. However, there is a simple and effective way that helps to come to life - knitting. Scientists have found that when a person performs repetitive actions, then his body is in the most relaxed state. American doctor Herbert Benson is sure that during knitting deep relaxation takes place, which is similar in effect to meditation.

Specialists, after a series of studies, found out that knitting:
  1. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, calms the nerves (experiments have confirmed that a person engaged in knitting practically does not react to eerie scenes even from horror films).
  2. Improves well-being: muscle tension decreases, the number of heartbeats decreases, blood pressure decreases.
  3. This is a good way to deal with depression. If it turned out to connect a beautiful thing, then a person rejoices, serotonin in his body rises. Do not forget about color therapy. If you correctly choose the color of yarn, then it can not help but affect the mood. The author of Knitting for Health and Wellbeing, Bethan Corkhill, conducted a survey that found that 54% of people could get rid of depression due to this hobby.
  4. Improves self-esteem. When a person sees what a beautiful thing he was able to do, his self-esteem improves subconsciously.
Therefore, now many women, even independent and modern American women, start to knit, tk. this process helps them to deal with stress and insomnia. Studies have shown that it is enough to take knitting needles more than 3 times a week to feel more happy and calm.

Improves health

We do not just wish each other good health, without it it's hard to feel happy. Classes for knitting are held in many rehabilitation centers, tk. This is the best way to restore the fine motor skills of the hands; human speech, clarity of thinking, visual memory, etc. Therefore, people who have suffered a stroke or heart attack, doctors recommend taking a spoke or a hook.

Moreover, it is a great way to get rid of the pain. If a person is focused on needlework, he is distracted from pain. Studies have shown that 60% of people with chronic handicap diseases helped ease the pain.

Do you want to remain an intelligent and cheerful person in old age? Learn to knit. In 2011, conducted a large-scale study. The doctor at the Mayo Clinic examined 1321 people who turned 79-80 years old. He found that people engaged in needlework, better memory and much less cognitive impairment. Another study, involving more than 2,000 people aged 65 and over, showed that people who choose the right leisure: travel, gardening, knitting, etc., suffer least from senile dementia.

Needlework helps to get rid of excess energy and improves concentration. In many schools and even prisons, knitting lessons were introduced, and it was noted that they had a calming effect, members of such groups began to communicate among themselves, and their social skills improved. So, a teacher from Toronto organized a knitting club for boys 7-8 years old, some of whom were hyperactive. His wards became calmer and so carried away with needlework that they themselves came to the circle in between projects. Karen Hayes, also from Toronto, collects groups of people who want to quit or can not overcome the crisis. With them she also conducts "knitting" therapy.

Helps to lose weight

A slender figure is the dream of any girl or woman, a representative of the beautiful half of humanity in many ways denied themselves to get rid of extra pounds. Promotes weight loss and is such a useful hobby, like knitting. Many overeat because of stress or boredom. There was a problem - jammed with her sweets, nothing to do - legs are brought to the refrigerator. But if instead of picking up the spokes, you can distract yourself, thereby retaining the figure. Often in front of the TV we eat nuts, seeds, chips, but if you take your hands with knitting, you can get rid of this habit.

In 2009, the University of British Columbia collected 38 women to conduct the experiment. They had digestive disorders due to anorexia, which appeared on the nerves. All the participants in the study were taught to knit and regularly conducted classes with them on this needlework. Most of them (78%) have decreased anxiety, namely anxiety caused food problems.

As we see, knitting is a very useful hobby that helps to relax, cope with anxiety and depression, makes people happy. Do not forget about one plus of this hobby. We realize our creative abilities and as a result we get an amazingly beautiful exclusive thing.
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