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Every woman wants to look attractive. Someone from birth gave a chic appearance and impeccable taste, and someone has to learn the art of being beautiful. Fashion designers around the world are working hard to make each of us feel special, but many of the girls choose extreme, incongruous colors and utterly tasteless things. We offer you some rules of good taste that will help you be irresistible!

Bad taste

If you find something from this list in your wardrobe - immediately dispose of them! They look ridiculous, no matter where you bought them - in a boutique or on the market:
  • Treads on lacing - there is an opinion that such shoes looks sexy and luxurious. Without lacing, this kind of shoes is really fashionable and relevant. But lacing all spoils. So if you do not want to be like a girl of easy virtue - give them to your very damn girlfriend!
  • Leopard dress - do you have a huge love for anomalistic patterns? Choose for yourself an exquisite accessory in this style, but never (absolutely) do not wear a dress with a leopard pattern! If there is a standard of pretentiousness, vulgarity and vulgarity in the world, then this is exactly a spotted dress.
  • Lacy top - say, no guipure tops! They are able to spoil the most chic figure, and in the end you will get all the threads sticking out in all directions. Top unequivocally thrown out!
  • Colored pantyhose - you can buy tights in a box, striped, circle or even with muzzles and ears. But remember, in any case they should be black or corporal. Color pantyhose is good for girls under seven and funny clowns.
  • Critically review your wardrobe!

    Color solution

    Bad taste gives out and selection of color in clothes. Combinations of wild, bright colors are capable of leading to fainting! But there is another problem - every woman, fond of fashion wants to always be in a trend. Therefore, every season women of fashion all over the world are bought things fashionable at this time shades. But do not forget that the current in this season shade may not be right for you. It is necessary to confine your accessory to colors, and not to present your appearance as a sacrifice to fashion. It's decided - all things are inappropriate colors for you, give to your girl-friends.

    Be careful with shades!

    Chic, comfortable - underwear

    Inimitable Co-Ko Chanel believed that the quality of underwear, always reflected in the eyes of women. And how can one not believe it, even if the most rigorous office suit gets an aura of sexuality, if you wear gorgeous body and stockings on a lace belt. Pamper yourself, take out all the worn and washed clothes in the trash, and buy a pair of comfortable and delicious sets of laundry.

    Feel yourself irresistible

    Your scent

    Behind the girl must stretch a subtle, fascinating aroma. But not such a plume that in a week your parish will be remembered because of the smell left by you. And of course, the smell of dirt and sweat, should not break through the smell of "Chanel" or "Bruno". It is important to choose exactly your fragrance, it should harmonize with you and your character. If you are a curly-haired girl, you will hardly be approached with restrained and strict aromas.

    And which flavors do you prefer?

    Relevant outfit

    If you are going to an official meeting, you dress up in a light sarafan instead of a restrained suit, and come to a cocktail party in trendy ragged jeans - you urgently need to reconsider your views. Perhaps you have the false impression that this makes you more mysterious and individual, but you look ridiculous.

    Choose clothes for the event, so as not to look ridiculous

    Not the same size

    Women like to fall into extremes and outfits are no exception. There is a strange tendency to choose clothes not their size. And no matter who you are, elegant thin or charming plump - clothes should be chosen exactly by your parameters. Otherwise, the woman looks pathetic, not aesthetically pleasing, but for frequent reasons. It is better to buy two sizes at once, and at home in a relaxed atmosphere, all to re-measure and the inappropriate option - to return to the store. Go through all your things, arrange a fashion show with your girlfriends, and all unsuitable things ... correctly give to your friends!

    Do you know what size you have?

    A few tips will not make you an icon of style, but will save you from the most banal mistakes. In pursuit of fashion and style, do not forget that clothing should be not only beautiful, relevant and hiding flaws, but also comfortable. It's from how you feel in a new dress that depends on how you look. Love yourself and be adorable!
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