Winter depression

Outside the window is winter, so many opportunities to spend time with benefit: go to the theater, go skiing, plunge into the work. But instead most people dream of only one thing - to go to bed. Despite the fact that a person sleeps for 10 hours a day, he does not get enough sleep, can not and does not want to work normally. What is the reason for such a bad state of health? How to deal with it? This is the so-called winter depression, which can and must be overcome.

Why there is a winter depression

Most suffer from this ailment in the cold season, most often from November to March. As soon as spring, warm and sunny, all unpleasant symptoms disappear. But in the winter there are unpleasant signs of illness: in the morning it becomes difficult to get up, there is no desire to go to work or somewhere else.

Scientists have found out that the winter depression appears because of the lack of sunlight at this time of year. In the summer, when the bright sun is shining, serotonin is produced in our body, responsible for a good mood. At the same time, the production of melatonin is blocked. But in winter the light-day is much shorter, the sun is rarely seen, it's cloudy weather. The organism reacts in its own way to these changes. It begins to produce melatonin, which is also called the sleep hormone. He calms, hence drowsiness, lethargy, a constant desire to sleep.

Signs of winter depression

Symptoms of the disease are very similar to those of normal depression. But not necessarily all of these signs of the disease, a person can manifest only some of them. There is still a hidden form, softer. In this case, the patient complains of fatigue, lethargy, he may have sleep and eating disorders. The first signs of the disease usually occur between the ages of 18 and 30.

Other patients may experience the following symptoms:
  • mood depressed, do not want to do anything, there is indecision, in some - increased anxiety and tension;
  • Memory deteriorates, it can be difficult to concentrate, intellectual activity decreases;
  • the person sleeps a lot, but despite this, he does not get enough sleep, he can not regain his strength, so he goes to bed during the day, it is difficult for him to get up in the morning;
  • apathy appears, all the time you want to sleep, there is no strength to do anything, the patient quickly gets tired, worse than before, he works, it is difficult for him to cope with his usual load;
  • it becomes more difficult to cope with stressful situations, which causes conflicts, many try to avoid communication during this period;
  • in winter, all the time you want to eat, so many overeat, increase the amount of consumption of sweets, alcohol;
  • immunity decreases, because of which a person quickly picks up ARVI, influenza and other infectious diseases, can also worry joint pain.


Winter depression should be treated. Otherwise, problems may arise at work, alcohol dependence may develop over time (if the patient improves mood with alcohol), social isolation, etc.

The treatment is quite simple: a bright light is needed. The course of light therapy is about 2 weeks. In the mornings you need to go to special sessions, which can last from half an hour to 2 hours, to the clinic. Unfortunately, just turning on the light in all rooms is not an option. The level of illumination in an ordinary apartment does not exceed 500 lux, and for treatment of winter depression the illumination should be from 2500 to 10 000 LC. If you want, you can buy a special lamp for the house, but before that it is better to talk with your doctor. With inept use, it can harm, for example, the eyes (especially people with eye diseases). Therefore, it is better to go to special sessions, especially since they do not have to sit or lie on them, you can practice on the computer, talk on the phone, etc. Already on the 3rd day of therapy, positive changes should appear.

Additional ways to combat depression

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to light therapy. What to do in this case? First of all, as often as possible walk, especially if the sun outside the window. Scientists say that even in gloomy winter days, the level of illumination on the street often reaches 1000 Lux, while in a room it is not more than 200Lk. Therefore, it is important to go out and walk outdoors every day. In addition, it's physical exertion, which also helps to improve mood. It is useful not only to walk, but also daily to exercise, exercise. What else will help in the fight against this ailment:
  1. Hobby. An enthusiastic person forgets about a bad mood, besides an interesting occupation will distract bad habits.
  2. Communication with friends and close relatives. It brings joy to many.
  3. The right choice of clothes and interior items. It is better to abandon the gloomy and gray tones. If you surround yourself with bright things, the mood will rise.
  4. Balanced diet. During this period, the human body must receive all the necessary vitamins. Now in stores and in the winter a rich selection of vegetables and fruits that many can afford.
  5. Daily regime. Even if you want to sleep, do not indulge your desires. Nedosyp is harmful, but it's also not worth pouring.
Winter depression can knock a person out of the usual rut. But, if you already know what your malaise is about, you will be able to cope with the problem. In addition, one can not but rejoice over the idea that with the onset of spring the condition will improve.
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