10 indoor plants that bring good luck

Living plants refer to the element "tree", which personifies dynamics, creativity, progress, creation. Proceeding from this, it is possible to activate the necessary zone of your home with indoor plants.

Feng Shui is an art that celebrates harmony, so you need to be wary of "bending the stick" in activating zones and neutralizing corners with the help of green "friends." Remember: everything needs a measure.

We must not forget that in Chinese natural philosophy all reforms and transformations should be implemented without haste.

Set up in your house gradually one green "friend" and watch how he behaves and how he will feel, and do not forget to record changes in your life. When choosing a flower and placing it, do not neglect the rules, but your most important advisor should be your intuition.


Included in the list of pets among domestic plants. He does not allow to accumulate negative energy in the house, it extinguishes the negative and aggression. In the house where the ficus reigns, there is always a favorable atmosphere. But married couples should remember: in order to protect their relationship from cataclysms, one should not plant a plant in the zone of marriage.


Another "fighter" for the activation of positive energy. Red geranium is feng shui - the personification of well-being and prosperity, and white - guarding the peace of mind and provides the owners of the house a quiet sleep and peace. The "work" zone of the geranium is southeast of your house. This flower deservedly received the status of coziness and warmth of the home.

Thick cup ordinary

The money tree is a symbol of material well-being and wealth. Its a good place in your house - east or southeast.


With its flowers, the plant will protect the health of children, if you "settle" on the western side of your home.


Soothe, imperceptibly participate in the process of relaxation and contribute to the stability of the nervous system.


Ferns are vacuum cleaner plants that purify the energy of the house from the negative "sha". This plant is a wonderful duet with a TV, extinguishing its negative radiation, from which the condition of the fern itself only improves. It is necessary to know that the fern placed at the bed contributes to restless sleep and disruption of the nervous system.


An unpretentious plant endowed with "intellect" litmus paper: in a house with unsuccessful energy, its leaves turn yellow and fall off.

Palma room

Room palms help to arrange a resting place in the form of a tropical forest, they are used to create an impression of paradise on earth: the sun, the beach, the heat, the blue sea. Wonderful relaxation! But plants with sharp leaves also generate chi energy.


In Europe it is believed that this plant brings happiness and prosperity to the house. It protects the owners of the house and other household members from the influence of ill-wishers and people with negative energy. Suddenly withered azalea means that it has taken away from you the evil eye, spoilage or illness.

Decorative bamboo

Nowadays, bamboo has turned into a very fashionable present. Inhabitants of the Celestial Empire are firmly convinced of the power of the home "wizard": where bamboo dwells, there is no place for failures, illnesses and infirmities.

Plants are living organisms and require compulsory care. Keep them well-groomed, healthy and aesthetic. And then they will generously perform their role in your home.

The doctrine of Feng Shui is not in vain talking about the benefits of green plants to humans. Green friends are able to radically change our lives for the better.
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