Illusions that prevent us from living

More details about the illusions that make our life less interesting and fruitful.

The Illusion of Immortality

We do not like to think about death, it frightens us, so we put off thoughts about it, try to forget that it is inevitable. And this is natural for the human psyche. But the result of such behavior is predictable: people are sure that they have a lot of time ahead of them, so they will really live afterwards, later, when everything is right. I will be happy when I can receive a huge salary. I need to get married, and then I can enjoy happiness. Now if I have a baby, everything will be fine. As soon as I give the baby to the kindergarten, I can live a full life, etc. And so every day we put off life for later. Happiness is like a ghost that always flashes somewhere ahead, we are waiting for this day, and our life is passing.

If we realize that life is short, then we will learn to appreciate more all that it gives us. Around so many good things, you can now rejoice, squinting from the tender sun, inhaling fresh frosty air, stroking your cat ... Happiness is already with you, already near, you can already enjoy it, and not when you get rich, lose weight, make a career and etc. This also applies to relationships with people. You can spend time quarreling if you have too much, but when you realize how limited it is, you appreciate every moment. If I could now return to my childhood and embrace those who have not been around for a long time, how much love and tenderness I would like to give them. And yet many still have grandmother, mother and other close people. Imagine that suddenly they were no more. So call them or visit them while they are around, express your love, because no one will ever be able to replace loved ones.

The illusion of one's own omnipotence

Many of us are sure that they can control everything in their lives, everything goes according to the planned plan. But this is also an illusion. Man is far from omnipotent, there are thousands of things that he can not control. It is worth understanding and accepting, and then it will be much easier to live. It is not necessary to take on an unbearable burden of responsibility, no person can foresee all future events and be responsible for everything that happens.

This is life, something depends on us, but we can not influence many things, it is just necessary to accept them as they are. Even if you could have acted differently, but at some point stumbled and made a mistake, you also need to understand and accept it. The past has already happened, it can not be changed, one should not scold oneself or others, but simply accept it as a given. You are a person, all people have the right to make mistakes, each has its own life story.

Illusion of the injustice of the world

The world is not built on our ideas of justice, although from childhood we were inspired by another. But, I would not deny the fact that justice exists, we just can not see or understand many things.

But it is important to understand one thing. The world does not obey the selfish needs of man. Often we believe that we all need: friends, acquaintances, relatives, parents. If we believe that justice should be so and so, but this does not mean that we can not be mistaken. Everything happens as it should be, the world has its own, Higher justice, which we just can not see yet. The most jaded, but, nevertheless, an understandable example. You are late for the plane, because of traffic jams or for another reason independent of you. You are experiencing, scolding yourself and others, are ready to fall into depression, tk. this trip was important for you. And after a while there comes a message about the plane crash. It turns out that you should have enjoyed this turn of events, and do not despair. And so in everything. Many things that seem unfair to us, were needed for something.

All these are simple, elementary truths, but, unfortunately, we do not see it, do not understand, and therefore suffer, marring our lives and the lives of our close people.
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