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To pick a good gift for 13 years girl, it is important to know what her hobby is, how she likes to spend her free time. Therefore, it is easiest to choose a present for parents who are always aware of their child's hobbies. If you need to congratulate a niece or goddaughter, it is better to consult her close relatives who will prompt you what to give. You can ask yourself a teenager. Of course, then there will be no surprise, but it's better, than to present an unnecessary thing.

Features of choice

At the age of 13, the girl undergoes a difficult age: this is a change in the hormonal background, which manifests itself in a rapid change of mood, and the emergence of a person's personality when he has his desires, the thoughts that she will defend. It would be wrong to suppress the aspirations and desires of the child, or else you can permanently ruin the relationship with him. This applies to the choice of gifts. Do not impose on a teenager what you like, you need to take into account his tastes, preferences, even if you do not share them. For example, you should not buy a beautiful pink dress with ryushechkami for your daughter's birthday, even if it looks awesome in it, a teenager who prefers to walk in spacious T-shirts of black color, since, most likely, this dress will remain in the closet.

At this age, interest in learning is usually reduced. Therefore, birthday gifts should not be associated with the school, everything you need to study can be bought later. Our task is to please the birthday boy, and useful gifts, although they will save our budget, will not bring any special joy.

Of course, it is important to know what the child enjoys before presenting the gift. But, the difficulty is that the hobbies of adolescents are changing rapidly. Therefore, before buying a present, especially expensive, make sure that the child is still interested in his hobby, he has not burned out, has not forgotten about his hobby.

Examples of gifts

What to give for 13 years girl? The list of gifts is unlimited, but much depends on the budget, and on the preferences of the teenager.
  1. Gadgets. A smartphone, tablet, laptop, netbook will please any teenager, since now they are almost all, and your daughter would not want to stand out from the crowd of peers. This is the best gift for a girl of 13 years old on her birthday, if you did not have time to purchase them earlier, because he is quite respectable, suitable for such a significant date, and a necessary teenager.
  2. Ornaments. To girl 13, she already feels like an attractive young girl. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have always been not indifferent to jewelry, so it can not please the chain, bracelet or ring. What to give, gold or silver, or jewelry, parents decide themselves, based on the family budget.
  3. Certificate for the purchase of clothing. You can, of course, buy clothes, but you can buy things that she does not like or do not guess with the size. Even if you know the size of your child, now often sell things-small-measures, and the tastes of the mother and daughter may not coincide.
  4. Professional photo shoot. A good gift to a girl of 13 years old on her birthday is a photo session. At this age, teenagers have a lot of complexes, many of them consider themselves not beautiful enough, attractive, but they really want to please. A professional photographer will be able to take pictures that emphasize all the virtues of the girl, her beauty.
  5. Gifts related to a hobby. Sports girls will enjoy roller skates, skates, bicycles, gyroscope, treadmill. Gifts for creative people can also be diverse: sets of rubber bands of different colors for weaving bracelets, sewing kits, creation of bead jewelry, embroidery, a set for soap making, etc. A beautiful gift is a camera with which she can create real art masterpieces.

Budget gifts

What to give, how to congratulate on your birthday, if the budget is limited:
  1. Cosmetics. Some parents are sure that this gift is not suitable, because it is too early to use cosmetics. She will still experiment with appearance, but secretly from her parents. It is better to buy a good, natural make-up, otherwise it can get the cheapest and harmful or, better still, use lipstick or shadows of a girlfriend.
  2. A bag. Girls do not go out without a purse. Even if she has several, a new accessory will only please.
  3. Lightweight scarf, which will complement its image, the original umbrella, sunglasses will please a small fashionista.
  4. Original things for children. The teenager already has a corner in the apartment. Beautiful photo frame, an interesting alarm clock, a funny piggy bank, which you can put and money, too, will be suitable as a gift.
  5. Something for hair care, appliances that will help create your image: hair iron, hair dryer, a set of quality combs, styling kits: varnishes, foam-mousses, gels.
  6. Pouch for phone or tablet, headphones, Salfi stick. Teenagers like to sit in social networks, watch movies, listen to music, upload their pictures, so all these gifts will be relevant.

Inappropriate Gifts

On the thirteenth birthday you can give a lot of interesting and useful things, but there are gifts that you should not give. Let's see what it is.
  1. Money. Children still do not need to give money, they can be replaced by certificates in various stores. But, if you do not know what to present for your birthday, you can give and an envelope with money, adding it with a beautiful bouquet or a box of chocolates.
  2. Gifts that emphasize the defects of the birthday girl. Perhaps the means to care for oily skin or to fight acne are useful, as well as a manual for weight loss, but such presents will spoil the birthday mood, and on her birthday she should rejoice, not worry.
  3. Pets, unless you give them to your child by prior arrangement. This is a good gift, but on the condition that all family members agree that they will have a pet, that they are ready to take care of it and spend part of the budget on its maintenance.
  4. Do not give gifts "for the future", something that can sometime come in handy.
  5. Dressing gowns, nightgowns and other home clothes. All this parents can buy for their child, and this is not a suitable gift for a celebration such as a birthday.
What to give a child for 13 years girl? Everything that can please her, from simple accessories that she will use every day, to fashionable gadgets, without which it is difficult to do without in today's world. Any gift will be valuable if the birthday girl understands that you have responsibly approached the choice, took into account her tastes, preferences and hobbies. Now there is a huge choice of clothes, cosmetics, there is an opportunity to order things from other countries, so sooner or later you will find what you were looking for, and you will please the birthday girl with a magnificent gift.
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