Myths of the past: the absurdity in which they believed

From the cabbage grows chest, the swab can strip virginity, and during the first sexual experience you can not get pregnant .... All these statements can easily make a modern woman laugh. Science explains much, including the work of our body. And yet, half a century ago, people took for a pure coin such nonsense, that now it is even hard to believe.


This is the theory that all sexual partners of women have an impact on her future children. Modern scientific knowledge completely refutes this possibility. For conservative and religious supporters of the preservation of chastity before the wedding, telegony was a frightening argument. But genetics completely dispelled this myth.

Sex during menstruation

Menstruation in many cultures was considered something dirty, shameful, sinful. It was believed that women in this period should be isolated in order to avoid unhappiness. The sexual act in the "unclean" time was not just a ban, but was an abominable process. But if suddenly a child was conceived, then, according to numerous beliefs, he will be born sick and early die.

The terrible consequences of self-satisfaction

Another terrible sexual sin of the past was masturbation. What are the only causes and consequences of this completely natural process did not come up with! Madness, infertility, epilepsy, paralysis, impotence, weakness, blindness, obsession with demons ... Modern science has long proved the absurdity of these misconceptions and gave kindness to self-satisfaction.

The Myth of Little Feet

In China, for a long time believed that bandaged feet make the female vagina more tight, and its owner - an enviable bride. But this custom is not as harmless as it seems. To small girls fingers were tied to a foot that did not allow a leg to grow up to the normal size. The maimed extremities were called "golden lotuses" and considered the guarantee of female sexuality. People believed that when walking on such legs all the load was on the muscles of the thighs and vagina, making them strong and elastic. This barbarous Chinese rite was banned only in the middle of the 20th century.

Intimate relationships have always been something sacred. Many age-old beliefs about sex have already been refuted. But people's interest in this topic just did not become less.
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