The damage from early learning to reading

Like any mother, I had to find answers to important questions: when is it better to teach a child to read, what age is considered optimal for this? I'll tell you about what I learned on this topic.

My history

Before I started training, I read the opinion of psychologists on this issue and decided to postpone it for 5-6 years. But I did not understand my position. Some relatives insisted that it is necessary to teach the child to read before 3 years, moreover, they did not just impose their opinion, but gave the child appropriate books, for example, "ABC". Even those who agreed with my position, accepted it, believed that early reading can not hurt reading, it is only useful for the child.

I insisted on my: I started to teach my daughter to read at 5 years old. She learned the letters early, herself, watching educational videos. And put the letters in syllables they were taught in the kindergarten, also I myself dealt with it, using a special domino with syllables. And so the child went to 1 class. At the meeting, the teacher said the test results after six months of training. The child has the best result in the class: 110 words per minute. And this despite the fact that I did not force her to read, only praised when she read children's magazines, books, messages on the Internet. Therefore, such "belated" training does not affect the ability of the child to read, it is possible to learn how to read well in 2 years if you encourage the child and do not forget to buy books and magazines that interest him. But why is it so harmful to teach a child to read up to a certain age? We listen to the opinions of psychologists.

Why do not you teach your child ahead of time

Psychologists and experts in pre-school education warn that early reading only harms the child, does not do him any good. Psychologist Olga Isaenko says that earlier development is as harmful as delay in development, because the structure of the child's brain works incorrectly. Those brain structures that were supposed to develop during this period of time remain less demanded, i.е. simply steal. All energy is spent on a complex process of reading, and should have been spent on another.

This is almost the same as teaching a child to go to, who is only 6 months old. Try to put it on its feet. He can not yet move himself, but if you give him crutches, he will walk. In this case, you can say that your baby goes to 6 months, even with crutches. But will you be proud of this achievement? Meanwhile, teaching a child to read at 3 years is almost the same, you started to deal with it when his body is not ready for such achievements. He will read, but he will not do it the way he should, just as the child will "walk" at 6 months, only in this case "crutches" are not visible, but, nevertheless, they are.

Harm from early reading

If the arguments given earlier were inconclusive, let us list the harm that the early learning of the child is doing to the child:
  1. The child will grow awkward, awkward, and serious motor impairments may appear. In 3-4 years the child should, first of all, develop large and small motor skills. If he learns to read, all energy is spent on this skill, development is wrong. Unfortunately, this can no longer be corrected, the "bodily" deficit will remain for life.
  2. There is an overload of the nervous system, and as a result, the child can be disturbed by sleep, it will become whimsical and aggressive, he may have somatic diseases, there may be a violation of speech development and stammering.
  3. The desire to learn disappears. This applies not only to reading instruction, but also to the overall early development. You can not overload the child. If he is forced to walk the whole day from one lesson to another against his will, he becomes very tired, then in time he will not have the desire to learn.
  4. The transition to fast reading will be delayed. Images of letters are formed without support for spatial perception and motor skills. The child begins to form an inefficient mechanism of reading, which will last for a long time.

How should development

If you want your child to develop properly, let him run and jump, play with the ball, ride a bike. Be sure to allocate time for outdoor games. In this at this age, the kid begins to play in the story-role games, this also needs to be encouraged. If he has the necessary toys, he can come up with simple stories and beat them. You also need to sculpt with it, draw, collect puzzles, play with dice or mosaics. You can and need to read books to him, show pictures, listen to music together.

This development is considered correct. Do not rush events. Your child will have time to master this skill before school, and maybe even at school. And earlier training causes irreparable harm to his health, besides it is not a guarantee that he will succeed in school.
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