Magnetic eyelashes: we learn all about the new beauty trend

Long fluffy eyelashes give such a captivating expressiveness to the look that every girl dreams about. Alas, not all of us are lucky to be born with the owners of chic cilia, and we are trying to fix this fact in every possible way. Overhead bundles, build-up, whey and oil for growth - to which only tricks do not resort to modern women. And without the carcass, lengthening, giving volume, twisting (preferably all at the same time) in general, few of us can safely leave the house.

Luckily, not so long ago a novelty appeared on the world cosmetic market, which literally brought crazy lovers of the "cat's eye" - these are magnetic eyelashes. They got their name thanks to the principle of action. Yes, it is really an ordinary magnet, only a very thin one, to which bunches of false eyelashes are attached. The idea to abandon the glue came to a realtor from Miami Keti Stock in 2014. In 2016, a mass production of beauty novelties was established, and today it is called "a small revolution", one of the most successful cosmetic inventions in the last five years.

So, what is this wonderful invention? A set of cilia for each eye consists of two parts - conditionally upper and lower. Accordingly, one must be put on your eyelashes from above, and the other - like to put under them. Under the action of the magnets, both parts adhere, and here it is - the "wow effect": your sight becomes more expressive and alluring.

The obvious advantages of cilia on magnets:
  • Quickly put on and removed
  • Do not harm your eyelashes, they do not need glue or other potentially dangerous substances
  • Lungs are not felt at all, because their weight does not exceed 2.5 grams
  • Can be used many times, they do not spoil when worn
  • Do not cause allergic reactions and redness
  • Safe for use even with contact lenses
  • Do not fly off at active actions - dances, sports, running, and also at a strong wind
Of course, there are also shortcomings, which, surprisingly, are not enough. Some difficulties for girls arise only with the donning of cilia - in this matter it is necessary to understand the principle of action and simply "to acquire". In fact, everything is not more complicated than with contact lenses.

So, if you still decided to try out this cosmetic novelty, remember - the original magnetic cilia are quite expensive and they need to be ordered from abroad or through intermediaries. All that is sold for 200 rubles in an underground passage near your house - of course, a fake. However, before you give a tidy sum for the wonderful achievement of the beauty industry, you can practice on an inexpensive analog.

In this case, I will give you some important advice. Counterfeits will still be visible from a close distance - your task is to give them more naturalness, therefore:

1. Maximize the size and shape of eyelashes under your eye - cut the ribbon, slightly stretch or bend it.

2. Before the fixing procedure, paint your eyelashes well with black ink - so the overhead bundles will not be so prominent.

3. Do not forget to fill the interstitial space with black pencil-kayal. You can also draw arrows - so you visually extend the eye, and again give artificial eyelashes more naturalness.

Now you know how to make the look expressive literally at the click of your fingers, but remember - moderation is needed in everything. In the office or for study choose the most natural models, which are only several millimeters longer than your own cilia. You can use small beams on the outer corners of the eye - it will be quite appropriate. But massive magnetic, as well as false eyelashes, is still not for everyday life, leave them for parties and photo sessions!

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