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A common mistake of many women is the desire to give all their energy to close people. They spend weeks, months, years spending more energy than they receive, and often make themselves nervous. We often think that this is the only way to get attention, love from loved ones. However, by fulfilling all her responsibilities in the home after work, shoveling out a bunch of piled up cases, a woman may not get what she wants, and the only way to get rid of accumulated negative energy is a nervous breakdown.

Nervous breakdown is called the protective reaction of the body from an adverse attack on the nervous system. The reason for his appearance can be not only tense relations in the family, but also conflicts at work, problems with parents, etc., ie any lengthy and intense mental overload. A nervous breakdown helps to get rid of the accumulated negative, but this is not an option, because it can cause divorce, worsen relationships with loved ones, or even lead to hospitalization in a psychoneurological dispensary. Therefore, it is important to realize in time the fact that you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, try to cope with this condition and try to prevent a mental overstrain in the future.

How to understand that you are on the verge of

Fatigue, overstrain can accumulate in us for years, but that soon the cup of patience will overflow and a nervous breakdown is possible, the following signs say:
  1. Irritation. You are annoyed by all people, and those that are constantly around, and random acquaintances from the social network. Words and actions, to which you used to be calm, now cause negative emotions. You always think that everyone around you wants to insult you or hurt you. As a consequence of this - a spoiled relationship with family and friends.
  2. Insomnia. You can not fall asleep, different thoughts spin in your head and interfere with a peaceful sleep. In the morning you get up tired and broken. This is reflected in the appearance: the look is out, there is no desire to communicate with anyone, take care of yourself, do not even want to brush your hair or dress yourself up.
  3. Laziness. I do not want to do anything, even such simple duties as cleaning or washing dishes are annoying. Requests for help in the house cause only anger. It is hard for you to study, work, accordingly, you can not achieve significant success.
  4. The appetite is broken. Or you do not want to eat at all, you forget about breakfast, lunch and dinner, or, conversely, eat everything in a row, without feeling the taste of food. In the latter case, there is a high probability of gaining excess weight. Cooking is usually no desire, often cooked food turns out to be tasteless.
  5. Fatigue. You are constantly worried about chronic fatigue and weakness. Often there is a feeling of helplessness, and as a result, you cry a lot.
Not necessarily you will have all these symptoms, but these are the most common signs that you have an increased internal tension, finding no way out. You can tolerate this state for months and years, but sooner or later a person breaks down. In this case, even drug treatment will not help, it is only a temporary measure that prevents the accumulation of stress.

How to prevent a nervous breakdown

To cope with a nervous breakdown, you need to change your behavior, attitude to life, worldview. It is advisable to go to a consultation with a psychologist who will help you to see the circumstances that oppress you, help you to build the right model of behavior. Some of our beliefs, attitudes prevent us from becoming happy.

So, for example, in some families, a child, in order to get the love of the parents, had to do something useful: clean up, get a five, always say "thank you", etc. So the installation appears: do and say what others want hear, and you will be loved. Because of this attitude, the person constantly remains polite and patient, tries to earn as much money as possible, that is, squanders all his physical and emotional forces, and in return receives nothing. This leads to either a nervous breakdown or to psychosomatic illnesses. And the way out of the situation is simple. To love you, you do not need money or politeness, it is important to learn how to love another person, to accept him as he is. You can, of course, try to find out for yourself what the problem is and solve it, but it's easier to trust a good specialist. Before you go to a consultation, you can help yourself and other ways:
  1. Recreation. If possible, take a vacation. If it does not work, postpone all important matters and rest for 4 hours every day. You do not have to just lie on the couch and watch TV, rest is a change of activity.
  2. Entertainment. You have the right not only to work, but also to spend time on some kind of hobby or entertainment. It will help to get rid of monotony, bring joy and satisfaction. Revise your daily routine, do more of what you like.
  3. Proper nutrition. Even if you do not feel like eating, force yourself to drink a glass of kefir, or buy fruit, vegetables. You must receive all the vitamins and minerals you need.
  4. Physical exercises. This is a good way to get rid of stress, especially for those who are engaged in mental work. You can perform exercises or just walk around the city. Very useful massage. For relaxation, you can take a bath with oils.

How to help with a nervous breakdown

But it is not always possible to track in time the signs of an upcoming nervous breakdown and prevent its appearance. How to help a loved one who is in a state of acute stress:
  1. Calm yourself. Unfortunately, or fortunately, people can share their emotions with others: you smile, your interlocutor too, you become angry - your excitement is transferred to another. To calm someone, you need to calm yourself, then your condition will be transferred to him. But try not to get involved in hysterics, that is, speak in an even and calm tone, move slowly without making sharp movements.
  2. No advice. If a nervous breakdown begins, a person is not able to solve problems, listen to even practical advice and logical reasoning. It is better to switch his attention to something else, ask a question, for example, ask him what tea to pour him, with milk or lemon. About what happened, you can talk later.
  3. Show your participation, support it. Talk to him on abstract topics, hold, sit next to him, taking his hand.
  4. Try to reassure. You can give him any phytotherapeutic drugs or turn on soft music, advise you to take a relaxing bath. You can measure the pressure or count the pulse. Then a person subconsciously feels that they are worried about him, are helping, and are relaxing. If possible, put him to sleep. Sleep is the best cure for stress.
  5. Stroll. A good way to calm down is walking. Any physical activity helps to utilize stress hormones, because of which a person becomes nervous, he has increased pressure and accelerates his heartbeat.
If you have a nervous breakdown, and no one is around, perform the same actions yourself, ie, drink a sedative, take a walk, measure your pressure, take a relaxing bath, sleep, even if you have to force yourself. You can feed the birds for a walk. Any help to another person or animals helps to forget about their experiences. Gradually peace of mind will return.

A nervous breakdown can be in any person, this is a protective reaction of the psyche. But it is better not to bring yourself to an extreme point, because it can negatively affect your health. As soon as the first disturbing bells appear, try to figure out, find a way out of the situation or seek help from a psychologist.
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