Forecast of Feng Shui for February 2018

Favorable days are marked in green. Unfavorable days are marked in red. The rest of the days are neutral.

February 2018
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5 6th 7th 8 9 10 eleven
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19 20 21 22 23 24 25
26th 27th 28

February 2018 is a good month for the start of a large-scale project.

This month the renewal energy will be everywhere. Therefore, much can change in the usual course of life. Updates will want to all. And the faster the old and unnecessary will be destroyed, the sooner a new one will be built. And it is right.

This month you need to think wide, demand a lot, strive for more. But be prepared for the fact that everything will go through nerves, passions, destruction.

In February, it is recommended to be tolerant and not to be offended. Endurance and calmness will help you in this. And if you have something to change and reform, then boldly go!
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