How to get rid of stretch marks at home

In the life of every woman there come such moments when the appearance of her cardinally changes. First of all it concerns body weight. As you know, the skin has the property of stretching, with a large and fast weight gain or rapid weight loss, the skin does not have time to recover, as a result, stretch marks are formed.

Stretch marks can be from white to dark blue. They greatly spoil the mood and appearance of a woman, there may even appear complexes. With such imperfection of the skin, you can and should fight. Stasiness in the means and time does not allow you to visit beauty salons, but you do not need to worry, there are recipes for dealing with them.

Start active struggle with them should be as soon as possible. Just noticed the changes on the skin - just get down to business.

Better, of course, to prevent their occurrence, for this you should follow simple rules
  • Adhere to the right balanced diet. Limit the use of fatty, floury. Lean on protein foods, vegetables, fruits, greens. This will do a great service to the body, and the weight will be under control
  • Use the technique of massage with a stiff washcloth or a massage machine
  • Always use a moisturizer
  • Move! Love the sport, start with charging

Sport eliminates many problems. Not only from internal, but also skin diseases.

To supplement the complex in the struggle for beautiful smooth skin, folk remedies will help, such arsenal is available to every mistress.

We use a scrub prepared by our own hands, it can be ground coffee, brown sugar, candied honey, everything that has a more or less abrasive consistency can be taken as a basis. You can enrich the scrub with oils, depending on what result you want to achieve, there may be moisturizing oils, and smoothing, and nutritious.

The second step is massage with anti-cellulite drugs, they can be purchased both in the store and cooked by yourself, again cosmetic and essential oils with anti-cellulite effect (grapefruit, lemon, orange) are used to help you.

All diseases progress from excess weight, which reduces immunity. Proper balanced nutrition will allow you to control the weight

Next we prepare a magic body cream with adding "mummy" (sold at the pharmacy). It is easy to cook, it is enough to take as your favorite cream, and enrich it with crushed pills mummy.

By this principle, you can enrich any cream, adding oil or vitamins, depending on the purpose pursued.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the struggle with stretch marks, the main thing is to do it systematically, and the result will not keep you waiting.
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