The hidden threat: products that prevent you from growing thin

For a month already, you have not eaten your favorite croissant with jam for breakfast, refused potato fries and a tempting cheeseburger, colleagues do not even try to seduce a piece of Napoleon's home, but the scales arrow is still treacherously frozen on a single digit? Quite possibly in your diet, a couple of products-saboteurs, who conduct subversive work against your harmony! Let's calculate these pests together.


Strange as it may seem, yes! It is this product, useful in all senses, containing polyunsaturated acids and fats, that can deceive you. One ripe small fruit can contain up to 350 calories. Not so little, right? A wise decision is to reduce portions of avocado to 50 grams per day.


Abandoning flour and sweet, we often strive to fill the lack of glucose with fruit. This is a rational and, in fact, the right approach, because so you not only suppress the craving for sweets, but also get vitamins. However, do not lean on bananas, grapes and mango - these fruits not only raise the level of sugar in the blood, but in general they are quite high in calories. However, to eat a small portion, separately from the main meal, it is possible in the morning.

Diet should not be a temporary action. Diet is a way of life.


Rice is a useful cereal, the average caloric content of which varies within 100 kcal per 100 grams of the finished product. Fish and seafood are also low calorie. The main danger lies in the additives. Mayonnaise, cream cheese, avocado, sauces, sesame, caviar - it's all a little, but adds calories to harmless rolls. If the love of Japanese cuisine is still stronger than the desire to lose weight, then choose monosyllabic simple sushi and rolls and carefully read their compositions in the menu.

Smoked meats and pickles

In the evening I ate only a little salted fish and two pickled cucumbers - and in the morning on the scales already "podves" almost in kilograms. Familiar? Of course! Due to the high content of salts, these delicious foods not only retain excess fluid in the body, but also contribute to the accumulation of fat and even the appearance of cellulite. Refuse to pickles or not, you decide, but if you pamper yourself with them, then only in the morning.

Coffee and juices

If your favorite drink is a double espresso without sugar, then you do not have to worry about anything. However, let's be frank: just black coffee few people are able to inspire daily feats. Therefore, you generously add milk, a little more sugar, maybe even chocolate or whipped cream - and harmless coffee turns into a high-calorie bomb "weight" in a tight dinner. Try to switch to natural sweeteners, vegetable milk and, please, no syrup!

Sometimes what you have not eaten can do you good

Nuts and dried fruits

4-6 times more calories than fruits. Yes, you did not misinterpret, the advice of a friend to replace sweets with dates and hazelnuts you can put under serious doubt. If you really want to, limit 30 grams - it's 5-6 nuts and a few dried fruits, and then no problems and only benefits.


A glass of wine in a good company after a busy working week seems like an innocuous idea. This is not far from the truth, because a small portion of weak alcohol will help you to normalize the pressure, improve the work of the heart, the activity of brain cells, relax, in the end. However, in two glasses of red wine contains more than 200 calories, and yet there is sugar. The solution is simple and clear - allow yourself one glass of dry wine, and then support the company with ordinary mineral water.

Bread and energy bars

Best friends of girls on a diet. In theory. In practice, however, carefully read the composition on the label. There you can wait for amazing discoveries in the form of sugar, yeast, flour, palm oil and other ingredients, from some of the names of which throws in a shiver. However, there are really useful specimens in this cohort, only they need to be found.

Treat food carefully

Despite the fact that all these products turned out to be dubious friends for slender girls, do not rush to tell them "farewell". A truly healthy diet, which is the guarantee of a beautiful, harmonious figure, has nothing to do with starvation on buckwheat and chicken fillet. You can without a twinge of conscience eat high-calorie foods, if you remember the size of a portion and combine "small weaknesses" with motor activity. Good luck on the road to harmony, beauty!
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