How is it profitable to buy clothes on seasonal sales?

Winter sales - this is the time that many women of fashion wait for almost more than the New Year holidays. By tradition, discounts in clothing stores start in January and last until the collection of new collections.

Indeed, seasonal sails are a good opportunity to buy long-cherished items at reduced prices. I collected for you several tested lifhhakov from experienced stylists, how to update your wardrobe with minimal budget losses.

Track the start of seasonal seasons

Subscribe to the list of favorite stores or their pages in social networks to find out about the beginning of sales among the first. So you can choose from more models and sizes, which means - to remove the most "cream". However, if in the first place for you the price, then wait for the final sales - at the end of sales discounts are the highest.

Carry out a revision of the wardrobe and make a list of the necessary

If you easily succumb to marketing tricks and in an atmosphere of general excitement is ready to lower the entire family budget on clothes, adjust in advance. On the eve of a meticulous examination of the contents of their cabinets and determine what you really need. So you will not only avoid unnecessary purchases, but also save a lot of time spent in the shopping center.

Avoid baskets in the middle of the hall and stands with very cheap goods

We all know - a quality thing can not be cheap, but how does it attract the dress for 199 rubles. Look at the situation soberly. Carefully study the composition on the label - most synthetic fabrics will lose a decent appearance after a few washing. Check the seams and accessories: it does not stick to lightning, there is no visible marriage. Be on the alert, taking the last thing - think about why so many people tried it on, but did not buy it. In general, believe in miracles, but do not let yourself be fooled.

Do not make emotional purchases. It is necessary to think everything over well

Buy basic things

Well seated jeans, solid golf, a white shirt in a man's style, a T-shirt without prints and inscriptions - this is not a complete list of things that will occupy a worthy place in your wardrobe. Combine them, complement with bright accessories and color accents - and you will always look stylish. Of course, on the basic things you do not need to save, but if you found a suitable model on the sale - take it, without hesitation. Within a month, it will still be hanging on the stand, but at a price two or three times more expensive.

Keep up with fashion trends

Often at the sale you can find models that you saw on the pages of fashion gloss or fashion shows. Before you run with your find to the checkout, think about what you can combine the trend outfit, where you'll wear it. If the image in the head has developed, and the thing has sat perfectly - buy and get ready to accept compliments from others.

Use the advantages of online stores

At home, sitting comfortably on the couch with a cup of coffee, you will be more attentive to buying, you can listen to logic, and not to emotions born in the crowd of the store. Alas, you can not touch and try on a thing, but if you are sure of the manufacturer and you know what size is ideal for you, the sale becomes a pleasant pastime. Do not forget to use promotional codes and cashback services!

And last but very important lifhak: before you buy a thing on the real estate, honestly answer one question: "Would I buy this skirt / dress / coat / bag not at the sale?".

I hope these tips will help you to buy great new things at nice prices. And what are the secrets of successful shopping during the sales you can share?
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