Mmmm ... Lightly salted salmon

Girls, if you like sushi, especially sashimi, then this recipe is definitely for you! How I love seafood and especially salmon! Do not pass!

I'll start with the most favorite recipe for me. Besides the fact that it is incredibly simple, it takes very little time. Personally, I have exactly 5 minutes for all the movements. True, I must admit, I did not include the time of the trip to the store.

To start a little about the fish. You can choose any that you like: salmon, pink salmon, ketu, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, taimen ... You can even tame wild salmon. (If only he did not bite). But the wild turns out slightly less tasty. He does not have such tender and fatty meat. But more dietary. And, nevertheless, even from wild salted salmon my husband just melts and crumbles in complement.

So, in order to strengthen your desire to start cooking fish, I will remind you that it is incredibly useful for the muscles, heart, skin, vision and nervous system of a person.

Well, my dear friend, let's get started! Take fresh chilled or thawed salmon fillets.

Picture of salmon fillet

You need to understand "how much to hang in grams". I usually take 250-500 grams of fish. It's not a lot, but as a great snack and complement to the festive table is enough. So, you have 500 grams of salmon fillet in your hands.

If you have a whole fish in hand, you can gut it and clean it, leaving only the fillets. Or you can take meat on bones. This is already how you want. But the head and tail will have nothing to do with it.

Whole salmon, but without a head

So, the time has gone!

We cut fillets into small cubes (for example, 2x2x2 cm), which will then be pinned on the fork and rolling eyes to savor and absorb (with white wine in general is excellent!). Put the cut fish into any suitable container. Now take 1/2 tablespoon of salt (without a slide) and the same amount of sugar.

1/2 tablespoon salt

We pour it all into the fish. A little pepper. I pepper black pepper freshly ground, because it is very fragrant and gives the fish a piquancy. I also put large-grained coriander seeds there. The smell is incredible. We mix it, cover it with a lid. You will not believe it, but 99% of the work you did.1% is given to the fish. It should stand up to full readiness at room temperature 5-6 hours or 1 night or a day in the refrigerator.

What is important to consider:

  • if you are afraid to eat fresh fish, take frozen and unfrozen. There is definitely no one in it.
  • Seasonings can be added to taste. The basis is always the same: salt and sugar. I recommend first to make the simplest option, to try the most delicious. Next, already experiment. Or you can divide the fish into 2-3 portions after adding salt and sugar and try to add different seasonings in different portions.
  • The more a piece, the longer it becomes salty.

How to serve?

I spread the yummy on the table in a nice ploshechke and attach to her a couple of small plates with freshly squeezed lemon juice and Japanese soy sauce. Fish pieces well dunk in these saucers and there.

Soy sauce and lemon juice

I write, but at the very salivating flow.

As an option, you can make sandwiches: bread, butter, salmon, a leaf of lettuce or a sprig of dill ... Here already, I'm sure your fantasy will unfold in all its glory!

Eat, enjoy, feed your family, friends, get a recipe with your friends and write what you got and what are your impressions. If you have any questions, write. I will gladly answer:)

Salted salmon of own person

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