The biggest book in the world

The size of books can be judged from different sides: the largest book in size, length, in circulation, in weight, in the length of the story line.

The modern generation does not read print publications, replacing them with computers, and in fact created so many amazing works, thick and large books that can now be seen in museums.

What is the biggest printed book

In accordance with the Guinness Book of Records, the largest printed book in the world is the "Superbook", published in the USA in 1976. The height is 3 meters, the width is 2 meters. 74 centimeters, weighing 252 kilograms 600 grammes. 300 pages.

Next comes the "Giant Visual Odyssey for the Kingdom of Bhutan." It includes 112 pages, weighs 60 kg., 2.30 meters high and 1.52 meters wide. There are 11 copies of this edition in the world. The author of the largest book is Michael Hawley.

The largest e-book

The largest electronic book is released by the company Skiff, the display is 11.5 inches. But the technical progress is moving forward, and in the near future there will be a new electronic version from Sony with a diagonal of 13.3 inches, this is almost the A4 format.

The Big Book of Fairytales

This category includes a children's record holder in dimensions, which is called "The biggest book for kids." The height of 6 m, width of 3 m., Weighs 429 kg, with 4 pages in it.

The largest book of fairy tales by the number of pages of the publishing house "Astrel" with the same name. 910 pages and 246 tales.

The book of sewing and sewing

The largest book of sewing and sewing is called the "Golden Stitch", belongs to the author Anastasia Korfiati, the edition was published by "AST" publishing house. It has 512 pages, weighs 1.5 kg, with dimensions of 264x205x38 mm.

The book with the largest circulation

The largest edition of the book published for all time is equated to 6 billion, and it belongs to the Bible. Another record holder, ranked second - a quotationist Mao Zedong, the circulation is about one billion copies. The third stage belongs to the Lord of the Rings saga, which sold 100 million copies.

Interesting facts about books

  1. The longest - 1856 meters, over the creation of 400 people. The publication "Fantastic" is called, it contains tales of wealth and poverty.
  2. The thickest is "MIN A-KASSE", it already has 23675 pages. Its bright competitor is a printed version of Wikipedia.
  3. The longest storyline of the book by Louis Henri Farigul under the pseudonym of Jules Romaine "People of good will."
The most important thing is not to stop wondering, to learn new things, because there are so many interesting things around!
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