Five useless cosmetic procedures

On what only tricks do not go ladies in pursuit of beauty! Sending children to grandmothers or to a children's camp abroad, they go to beauty salons to choose the best cosmetic procedure. Signs and price lists are full of strange names: decapage, tattoo, golden threads of beauty, lipodissolution. It's not so easy to find out that these procedures are absolutely useless, and sometimes harmful to the body.


This procedure of lightening hair, but not peroxide, but a special chemical composition that destroys the artificial pigment. This chemical means is more harmful than usual peroxide, and after its application hair can change color in absolutely unpredictable manner. Not recommended!

Tattoo Makeup

On this procedure, ladies go to make life a little easier and not spend in the morning long hours in front of a mirror. Tattooing is done with a laser that works on the most sensitive parts of the face: lips, eyelids. Nobody can guarantee that the laser will not harm the delicate skin.

Golden Threads of Beauty

One of the most newfangled procedures. Under the skin is introduced a tiny amount of gold dust, which, according to cosmetologists, helps fight the signs of skin aging. Scientists confirm these words have not yet found. In the best case, the procedure will be simply useless, at worst - will cause a strong allergy.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Various injections of collagen and silicone promise lip augmentation and wrinkle smoothing. There is such a procedure quite a lot, but the effect of it is short-lived.


This is an injection of a substance that fights fat deposits. How safe is this drug, where fat disappears after the injection - no answers. But there are side effects: painful sores, swelling and irritation.

So, dear ladies, having sent children to international children's camps, and husbands for shopping, better go to a fitness club, arrange a home spa with natural remedies or still visit a beauty salon, but perform procedures that have been time-tested.
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