The scourge of our time: stress and how to deal with it?

For a modern man, stress is a familiar phenomenon. We experience it daily and hourly: at work, on the street, in public transport and even at home. Doubt? Include TV and will not be at ease from the terrible news and extreme events. That's how we get into a stressful prisoner and there is no way to get rid of it. Really no?

Unfortunately, there is no universal remedy for fighting irritability and anxiety, but it would be nice for every person to have in his or her piggy bank some simple but effective useful prescriptions how to get rid of stress. For sure, everyone will find something suitable for themselves from a small list of ways to relax (otherwise - muscle relaxation) to quickly restore mental and physical health.
  • Do not drink a seagull? No wonder the wise Asians propagandize: "Water refreshes the body, and a cup of tea - the soul." It remains only to choose a variety and additives: green - helps relieve tension, ginger - is considered the elixir of love, and mate (tea from the leaves of the Paraguayan tea tree) - tones.
  • To create a sense of joy and tranquility in our body will help tryptophan - an amino acid that stimulates the production of serotonin. In this case, the first assistants are bananas. Two yellow "boomerangs" a day - and as the legendary song sings, "a good mood will not leave you".
  • Seize stress pirozhenkami and sweets - will not work, and the figure is not a joy. It is better to do sports: feasible, not exhausting, three times a week. Soon notice that they have become steadier and calmer.
  • Get in your handbag a useful "tenant" - a small soft rubber ball. Stretching his fingers for a while, we achieve a muscle relaxation, and so the nervous tension was removed.
  • It would be good to take advantage of the findings of the British writer Virginia Woolf: "You can not think well, nor sleep well, nor love well if you have eaten badly." So, after work, you can sit with your girlfriend in a comfortable cafe and enjoy your favorite delicacies and pleasant conversation. Or arrange a delicious dinner with candles with your loved one. Does not this help to forget about minor troubles and will not cheer up ?!
  • "A honeycomb drip from your mouth, O beloved! Honey and milk under your tongue ... "- wrote the wise King Solomon, inspired by the love of his numerous wives, who gave him moments of bliss. No one dares to challenge the scientific fact: with a kiss, the release of the "happiness hormone" increases. And by this: kiss more often, gentlemen - this guarantees you peace of mind and self-confidence.
  • Essential oils will help cope with the headache caused by stress. Lavender, valerian and chamomile - will act soothingly. Anise, orange and basil - stabilize the mood, eliminate depression, relieve the sadness and anxiety. A slightly tart, fresh fragrance of verbena will save our head from painful clutches and bouts of nausea.
Stress is just an excess of energy. The human body is designed in such a way that any danger from outside causes a response in it: increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and muscle tension. The body always cares about us and is ready to rebuff, to relieve the accumulated energy, but modern living conditions do not always allow quickly to say goodbye to excessive stress, and as a result: nervousness, loss of strength and spasms of blood vessels.

But do not despair, as there are a lot of ways that will help to lose "ballast": easy shopping, meeting with friends, favorite comedy or detective, wardrobe revision.

In general, there would be a desire, but there will always be a way!
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