Vaccinations for children: do or not?

Today many parents refuse from vaccinations and make out a medical guide, there are many reasons for this. According to statistics, the effect of vaccination reaches 90%, and this is enough to stop the spread of viruses. But all parents are afraid of side effects, and more often on television screens you can see the terrible stories that led the kids after vaccination to a serious illness, and these are only those cases that are known to the masses.

Before deciding whether to vaccinate a child or not, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with some factors.

1. Both the baby and the three-year-old are given the same dose of vaccine, although the difference in weight is significant. Plus, the immunity of a newborn is much weaker than that of older children.

2. With an adequate approach, infectious diseases in children successfully respond to treatment, and natural resistant immunity to this virus is produced. Vaccination is divided into several stages and gives a temporary protection effect. That is, the child can pick up the infection in the periods between vaccinations, even before it comes into effect.

3. The vaccination does not give 100% protection against the virus, and the benefits of vaccination are only theoretical versions, for example, protection during an epidemic. But the point is that the baby can not catch the infection due to stable immunity, but we are supposed to attribute these "merits" to vaccinations.

4. A child is given a lot of vaccinations on the schedule, but how they work in combination with each other is a controversial issue.

5. The doctor will not say exactly when a particular baby will have worse complications: from exposure to the virus or from a vaccine. But in any case, the business of pharmacy remains at 100%, the vaccines bring a good income. Unfortunately, often doctors are closely involved in this business, which, accordingly, actively advocate grafting, and by persuasion or intimidation, it is not important.

6. Many vaccines contain blood serum of chickens, cows, piglets and even monkeys. By the way, the well-known version is that the AIDS virus was transmitted to a human after the transplantation of monkey organs in the last century (such experiments are mentioned in Bulgakov's novel "The Dog's Heart").

7. As a rule, mortality and severe consequences after vaccination try not to correlate with vaccinations, it is extremely inconvenient neither to the pharmaceuticals nor to doctors.

8. Infections transferred by babies strengthen immunity, and after inoculation, it ceases to work independently, and with growing weaker, which leads to autoimmune processes.

9. American medicine records severe consequences after vaccination, and all victims receive good monetary assistance. At us in the country of such account is not conducted, not speaking about material compensation, to prove anything it is impossible.

10. In the US and Europe, BCG, which is given to a baby on day 2 of life in the maternity hospital, was abandoned long ago, it was recognized as ineffective.

11. Vaccination against poliomyelitis in some cases can provoke this disease on its own.

12. Most recently in the schedule of childhood vaccinations have introduced a new item, a vaccination against hepatitis B, although initially it is focused on adults who lead a promiscuous sex life. Why this vaccine to children - it is not clear ...

13. A vaccine against measles in 80% of cases entails complications of varying severity.

14. In a small child, immunity and brain are not formed, the formation of immunity occurs by 6 years, and the brain to 25! These organs are the most vulnerable after vaccination, and complications can be the most terrible, up to dementia.

15. The production and release of the vaccine business is very profitable, so it is worth drawing conclusions.

Remember, vaccination should be approached with full responsibility, as with any complications and side effects, all problems will fall on your shoulders.

As already stated, everyone makes the decision himself, to vaccinate the baby or refuse, but in any case, it seems to me better to start doing them as late as possible, and preferably import, "dead" vaccines.

Vaccination against viruses - a fashion for an epidemic?

Recently, WHO has paid much attention to outbreaks of infection, and today they can be called an epidemic.

Our doctors have an unbreakable rule, do not diagnose "vaccine-controlled" diseases in vaccinated people, but in honey. card write ORVI, ORZ, so as not to spoil the statistics. This is done to create the illusion that the infection has been eradicated, although in fact they have not gone anywhere, but WHO has a "victorious" report.

A real diagnosis of the disease is made only when the vaccine is supposed to be vaccinated, but it was not done. This raises the rating of our vaccine manufacturers.

Plan of preventive vaccinations: what are the doctors so worried about?

An administrative investigation is initiated to violate the rules of sanitary-epidemiological general well-being (Article 6.3.CoAP RF), a number of inspections are organized.

In addition, the district pediatricians of the "disobedient" polyclinic are forfeited in the salary for non-fulfillment of the plan, disciplinary punishment and reprimand are imposed, all the same 6.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. Naturally, doctors try to impose vaccination on everyone, and if the parents refuse to vaccinate a child with a domestic product, they offer to buy an imported vaccine.

Demand creates an offer, and our pediatricians always have something to offer for the vaccine business. It remains to be only wondered which epidemic implying the "immunoprophylaxis" according to the National vaccination calendar will be in demand next?
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