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Even small children know that the teeth need to be cleaned every day. But, going to the store for toothpaste, many parents are often lost: on the shelves dozens of different types of pastas, from cheap to the most expensive. Which one is worth buying, and which one is better to refuse? We will not advertise specific brands, because the purpose of this article is not to sell, but to tell you about what to look for when buying toothpaste.

From what age to buy a paste

Clean the teeth from the very moment they started to appear. But first you need to use gauze tampons or special napkins that will help remove the plaque. You can buy a special brush-fingertip (up to 12 months). Then brush the teeth with toothbrushes, which sell for children from 1 year. Up to 2 -2, 5 years, the paste can not be bought, because at first children should learn how to rinse your mouth.

Up to 5-6 years old mother should clean the teeth most of all to her baby, since until he can do it himself qualitatively. As an option, the kid does it himself, and mom watches, if necessary, helps him. And up to 12-14 years it is necessary to control it, since children and even teenagers either forget to brush their teeth or do it poorly, they want to finish everything quickly.

Choice of pasta

The first paste of the baby should be gel-like. It is safer, does not hurt the tooth enamel so badly. Be sure to pay attention, for what age is this or that toothpaste intended, since the amount of some substances in it depends on it. From the age of 7 a child can use paste for teens. And toothpastes intended for adults, children can not be given (especially whitening), since they destroy the brittle enamel of the milk teeth.


Fluoride is necessary for the child's body, especially for the formation of teeth, but its excess is harmful, since then it becomes toxic. In small doses, it improves the mineralization of the teeth, prevents the washing away of calcium, and an overabundance can cause neurological disorders or problems with the thyroid gland. It is better to abandon toothpastes with a high content of fluoride if the baby takes fluoride preparations, drinks fluoridated water or has fluorosis. Safe amount of fluorides depending on age:
  • up to four - up to 200 ppm
  • from four to eight - 500 ppm
  • from eight to fourteen - 1400 ppm


They are necessary to clean the teeth from plaque, they are different. Do not take a paste for babies with soda and chalk. They are unsafe for sensitive enamel of baby teeth. If you see the inscription "Сalcium carbonate" (calcium carbonate, i.e., chalk) or Sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate, i.e., soda), discard the purchase.

What to take? With titanium dioxide or silicon. It is more sparing. Carefully study the packaging, the composition: Hydrated Silica (silica) or Titanium Dioxide (titanium dioxide), this is what you need. There is still a degree of abrasiveness, but it is not indicated by all manufacturers. These are the letters RDA. So, if you take a paste for a baby to 4 years, RDA - less than 20 y. e., after 4 - up to 50 y. e.

Other additives

To paste foam, add surfactants or surfactants to it. But do not buy pasta, which contains sodium lauryl sulfate. Read the composition, if you see the inscription "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate", buy another paste. This compound can accumulate in the body, as a carcinogen, later adversely affect the immune system and the child's vision. In addition, it can cause allergies.

To prevent the paste from spoiling, preservatives are put in it:
  1. Sodium benzoate
  2. Propylene glycol (PEG, PEG). Safe in a dose of 30 mg per 1 kg of weight, but still not recommended for children's pastes
  3. Propylparaben (Propylparaben)
  4. ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDNA)
Do not buy pasta with these or other preservatives.

Not so important is the bright packaging or promoted brand, better study the composition of the toothpaste. Safe pasta can not only keep all the baby's teeth, but it does not harm the entire body.
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