Pharmacy products for beauty: cheap and effective

Beauty does not always require a lot of money. To find the magic tools that can create a real miracle with the skin of the face, hair, just look into the nearest pharmacy around the corner.

Many pharmacy products are not worse, and sometimes even better than expensive cosmetics. Try and make sure of this from your own experience.

Vitamin E

This substance can be found in the form of capsules with liquid oil filler. How to apply it? And what does it do?

The product perfectly softens the skin, gives elasticity to the face. Excellent fights with dryness, peeling. In the case of problem skin with acne and black dots, vitamin is simply irreplaceable.

It is used as an oil mask or is added to the facial cream.

Avocado oil

It is quite common in cosmetology. It is part of many creams, including luxury. Contains vitamins A and E in high concentration.

Used as a mask. It is applied to the whole face. It is necessary to wait a while until completely absorbed. Then the leftovers are removed with a soft cloth.

The full range of use of avocado oil is quite wide. It is mainly used for:
  • masks for hair;
  • facial skin care;
  • strengthening of hair growth;
  • moisturizing and nourishing the hair.
You can add a couple drops of oil in your usual face cream.

It is also an excellent remedy for make-up remover . It is used as follows:
  1. The oil is applied to the skin.
  2. Massaging movements are distributed throughout the face.
  3. A hot towel removes makeup along with the oil.
  4. The procedure is repeated several times until the make-up is completely removed.
The result will not be long in coming. Make-up completely comes off, the pores are cleared, and the skin becomes soft and moisturized.

Almond oil

Enriched with vitamin E. Excellent for the following purposes:
  • oil masks for face, hair;
  • make-up remover;
  • smoothing of small facial wrinkles.

Hydrogen peroxide

Effective means in the fight against pigmentation. It is applied topically and in small amounts.

It is able to significantly reduce pigmentation. For a good result, it is enough to lubricate problem areas once a week (not more often).

Vitamin D3

An oily solution of this vitamin is used in face care.
Interesting! Vitamin D3 is a part of many ointments from psoriasis.
Use should not be more than once in 2 weeks. It is used for severe skin flaking with redness and irritation.

It is part of the home hair masks. Vitamin is effective for enhancing hair growth and fighting with their loss.

Used for moisturizing the lips when there is severe peeling or cracks.

Essential oils of cedar and lavender

Both oils are effective against hair loss. Strengthen and promote their enhanced growth. Lavender oil is a proven remedy for dandruff.

You can use them as follows:
  1. Before washing hair add a drop of each oil in your usual shampoo.
  2. Make an oil mask, where burdock, lavender and cedar oils will appear.
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